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Updated on January 11, 2011
T.R. asks from Surprise, AZ
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I am looking into purchasing a new vehicle and my current insurance company (Allstate) gave me an extremely high estimate ($280 mo). I then called Geico and was shocked at how low their price was. ($320 per 6 mo) for the same coverage (same deductable, collision & liability). I don't deal with the insurance companies often and was just wondering if any of you have had success/horror stories with Geico? Am I going to regret saving a ton of money if I get into a crash or my vehicle gets stolen? Any past experiences will help!
Thank you,

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answers from Honolulu on

We have Geico...and they are AWESOME.
I was also in a car accident... and they were awesome per the claim, getting me a rental car, and processing it and handling it.
VERY good customer service. Prompt.

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answers from Albany on

Hi T., it's likely the policies are very different. For example, how much is the deductible for both. And exactly how much colision is covered? And how much liability? You'll have to read the fine print, all policies are different.

I have State Farm. I like having an agent, an actual person with an actual name and an actual office locally that I can direct all questions to, you know?
Of course, I'm 44 years old, and have never had an accident or ticket of any kind, so I have never really used it!

Costs vary state by state, and car by car too.
I have the fullest possible coverage with a $500 deductible and my insurance is about $700 a year.

Find out precisely what's covered and what's not before you decide!


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answers from Dallas on

Make sure you read ALL the fine print. There is a reason Geico is cheaper.

You get what you pay for. Just beware.

Compare the 2 exactly before you make changes. We prefer to carry a high deductible and that does lower the premium a bit.

Just be wary and take care of that new car! Enjoy

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answers from Raleigh on

I agree with Theresa. You need to get a copy of Geico's quote and compare it with your Allstate quote. There could be MAJOR differences in what they are covering. You may have a $0 deductible now and a $2000 deductible with Geico...this changes the cost a lot!

With that being said, I thought that we were paying way too much for our auto insurance and began to price it out with local people selling national insurances, not a random person who I talk to when I call the company. (But I like to deal with a person directly, not a large company...that's just me though.) Come to find out, I could actually get MUCH better coverage on our cars and we would pay about $100 less per month by using a different company. Needless to say, we switched and love our new company!

It is very possible that you could be saving lots of money, but you need to read the fine print and look through everything very carefully before switching!

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answers from Phoenix on

T., I'm an insurance agent in Gilbert. Geico, although their premiums are "low", you need to make SURE the quote is accurate as they are notorius for dropping coverage you currently have to get you in with lower premiums. You need to contact an independent agent such as myself, we are contracted with many companies and can shop around for you so you don't have to. Agents with State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, etc, can only give you one quote because they only work for that one company. Let me know if I can help. My email is [email protected] and my office is ###-###-####. My website is



answers from Sacramento on

Don't immediately make the leap by price. We switched from AAA to Allied because we could get exactly the same policy at a much cheaper rate. Well, my husband was in a car accident just before the New Year holiday and it's been as slow as molasses with Allied. The car wasn't even taken from the tow truck lot to the collision place for evaluation for almost a week! Granted, there was a holiday in there, but it was still very slow. We're still waiting on the official word that it's totaled and meanwhile went out and bought a new car. With AAA, I had trouble getting the claims people to return calls, but at least things moved along (they just didn't feel like talking about it).

If you've been happy with Allstate, I'd say it's worth staying with them.



answers from Flagstaff on

Hi, we went from AIG after 9yrs to State Farm and saved almost $500 a year. Geico is great if you've had accidents, that's not in the commercials. Most State Farm agents are local so you can walk in anytime you have a question. You get ONE person that handles your policy, but others in the office can answer basic questions if that person is on vacation.
happy insurance hunting



answers from Phoenix on

We found out the hard way that you should buy rental car insurance with any company you go with. We had an accident right after Thanksgiving and our ins. company, our adjuster and our repair shop are still going around in circles about paying to get our car back in alignment. If the ins. company was footing the bill for a rental (now almost 44 days), we would have had this cleaned up in a week.



answers from Dallas on

I've got Geico and they have been wonderful! My car was hit in a parking lot. I called them to see what my deductible was, and after explaining the situation (if repair is less than deductible I won't file it) they told me to call in and report it anyway - they might lower or waive the deductible altogether since it was a hit and run in the parking lot! I have had glass replaced on both our insured vehicles and they were very easy to work with; we have been very pleased with them. I've had Progressive and Liberty Mutual over the years; Geico has been the easiest to deal with and the best price.

Oh - and my rates have gone up consistent with the market, they did not give me a low initial rate then jack it up on renewal.



answers from Phoenix on

My husband and I have been with Geico for years and have never had a problem with them. I still shop around once a year and can't find another company that can complete with their prices. I imagine that they can keep their prices low because they do not have the overhead compared to other companies. I've never had a wreck with them so I can't say one way or the other. I can tell you that Progressive was horrible when my vehicle was stolen-I will never use them again!



answers from Phoenix on

I just went through this Friday! Liberty Mutual raised our rates when we traded down our vehicle (SUV to a mid-sized commuter car). My mother-in-law uses Geico and so I decided to get a quote. It was $1351 per year (adding savings for 2 six month policies) LESS then Liberty Mutual!!! Our policy went from $2567/year to $609/6 months. We are saving over a $100/mo and can't be happier. I too was sceptic though. I triple and quadruple checked the coverage to make sure it matched my old coverage but I thought it was too good to be true. So I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had any experience with Geico. I had a friend say good things and turns out my sister and mom had them for a long time in Southern California with great results. They switched after my sister was hit by a driver with Geico and the experience went so well (and fast). After switching, she was rear ended by an uninsured motorist in her new car. That experience was also a good one. My dad even insisted they used authentic Mazda parts to fix the car because it was so new, and they did with no problems. We went ahead and switched on Friday. I feel like I should be shouting to everyone, GO CHECK OUT GEICO!

In regards to the fear of them raising their rates upon renawal, I was concerned by this at first too. But the rep made a good point and I have to believe it. He said that Geico's goal is to keep you a customer for life, they have no interest in having you for only 6 months, so they aren't going to raise the rates upon renewal or people wouldn't stay.

I hope this helps.



answers from Phoenix on

I had Geico before and it was fine..... I never got into any crash or had to deal with them on collecting so I dont have any horror (or wow) stories to share, just that I had them before and was happy.

Now we go through an insurance broker to find the lowest auto/house insurance and it isn't Geico for us at this time. (better or worse service than Geico I don't know and hope to never have to find out!)



answers from Phoenix on

I have heard that these companies that offer unheardof low rates do that just to get you in the door and then raise the rates tremendously upon renewal. I have my insurance with AAA and have been with them for years. Last May when we got a new car I shopped around with other companies and still found AAA to be the best deal for us. We also have our homeowners insurance with AAA and that affords us an multi-policy discount. Good luck.



answers from Phoenix on

I have been a Geico customer for about 10 years. Knock on wood, I haven't had any accidents/damage that I needed to claim, other than chipped/broken windshields, which were handled expediently. When I married 8 years ago, my husband reluctantly switched his coverage, and is glad he did. I'm sure we have saved so thousands over the years by using Geico.



answers from Dallas on

I would get a copy of the GEICO quote and take it to you Allstate agent and have him go over it with you. As an insurance agent, he may see things you miss. Also, they maybe able to work with you and get you a better rate like GEICO. I did work for attorneys and we had no problems settling claims with GEICO.

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