Geico, Allstate or Statefarm

Updated on September 16, 2010
E.B. asks from Miami, FL
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I currently have allstate however the premium is outrageous. I know statefarm is at the top of the list for great insurance as well as allstate. What about geico? I would like to see some of your responses on if any from geico customers. To help me decide whether to stay with allstate or switch to save a lot of money.

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So What Happened?

My agent with Allstate must be money hungry because he would not work with me. Sorry I have to leave them, I got a quote from Geico that was half the price. And i've been reading a lot of haunting stories about state farm. Not with auto but with homeowners insurance. It sucks for us floridians to even find a good homeowners insurance now adays because of so many false claims presented during hurricane seasons. Thank you all for your responses. Geico is more than half of what I am paying now, and it probably depends on the state you live in and the county too of how high a premium will be.

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answers from Miami on

I had State Farm for most of my life because it's what my parents had. A few years after college graduation I started working for State Farm as a claims adjuster and was sent to Claim School and learned the policy inside and out, so I stayed with State Farm. When I moved to Florida from CA two years ago, I switched to Geico because they were much cheaper, even given State Farm's multi-car and -policy discounts. My husband is a Federal employee, though, and I think that Geico gives a good discount to Fed Employees. I have had no issues with Geico, although we have had no need to file any claims. This may not help...good luck deciding.



answers from Boca Raton on

I am a HUGE Geico fan. I've been with them for over 20 years and would never consider switching to another company. Their rates are great, their customer service fantastic and they have some really innovative programs in place. Additionally, regarding the comment about GEICO dropping you the minute you have an accident, I've found the opposite to be true. I've had GEICO in Florida for 9 years and fortunately been accident-free, but prior to that I lived in New York and had 3 accidents in the space of 8 years. Not only did they NOT drop my coverage, but they barely raised my rates! I wish that they offered homeowner's coverage in Florida because I'd use them in a New York minute! :)


answers from Los Angeles on

I love State Farms service, I have never had any problems with them. While I have been with them I have had one car stolen, and have been in 4 accidents....they helped me with everything. BUT to me, it's not worth it unless you can get discounts with it. Like multi-car, experienced driver, etc. I lost all of my discounts when my father died because all these years I just remained on his policy. Just on my own, with no discounts, its too expensive, like I said though I have received great service from them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Allstate took WAY too much of our money for WAY too many years. We just got bids and switched to State Farm.



answers from Fort Myers on

I did quotes for Geico and Progressive. Both were outrageously priced. They have to pay for all those advertising commercials! I use a agent, who shops around for me.



answers from Miami on

I have just done a complete review of all our insurances and the only one we saved money on was our car insurance, we managed to save $70 a month moving to AllState from Progressiv. But it really depends upon the type of insurance you are looking for. Geico and Progressive for us on car insurance where very very high compared to AllState. Century 21 had very competitive quotes but when I researched them I found that they have bad reviews for claims etc.

For our house insurance, again we had a few quotes that saved us a few hundred dollars over the course of the year, but having researched the companies that they where going to be written with we decided to stay with our current insurer, Royal Palm, living in Florida it is hard to take a risk on house insurance!



answers from Amarillo on

Don't know the type of cars you have but you can tailor your policy to your needs.

I have Allstate and had to let coverage go for a bit due to medical issues with husband. I talked with Hartford and what they quoted me for auto was less but the homeowners went through the roof. I returned to Allstate and we created a policy for the vehicles. Check out what your real needs are for coverage and if it is financed as that will change the type of coverage needed.

My daughter has switched from Allstate to Geico and loves it. The Allstate rate for her in San Antonio was much more than she could comfortably afford.

Remember the higher your deductible the lower the cost but remember you must have this amount of money in reserve should something happen.

As for the roof issue a poster had we recently had two hail storms within two days and Allstate called and sent us an adjuster. The adjuster totalled the roof and we received a check in the mail within two weeks. Two weeks later our neighbor a roof contractor put a new roof on the house (shingles off, new tar paper and new shingles) for less than the cost of the check.

I had Farmers early on with two different agents. When I combined the two policies I got a good discount with one agent. Later their prices were much more than I could justify for homeowner coverage.

You mention the agent you have right now will not work with you, have you considered a different agent with the company? It couldn't hurt anything.

Good luck in your decision. The other S.



answers from Jacksonville on

Have you looked into USAA? We have our home and vehicle insurance and mortgage through them and they were BY FAR the cheapest of any we've researched!



answers from Boise on

You can put out feelers to other companies and see what they are willing to offer for premiums. We are currently with American Family. I used to be with State Farm, went to Farmer's because we knew the agent, but are really happy with American Family.



answers from Dallas on

RUN FAR FAR FAR AWAY FROM STATE FARM!!!!!!!!!! I am in the middle of a claim nightmare with them, and so are MANY of my neighbors. I have been with SF since I was 16, as has my husband, we are now 30 and 36, and we have NEVER filed a claim, ever, for auto or home. On 8/6, our home was damaged by either a weak tornado or straight line winds. It was raining INSIDE MY HOME. SF has determined that I do not need a new roof, nor do they want to replace my water damaged carpet, even though it took THEM 6 days to get out here. I called in our claim about 30 minutes after the storm, my neighbors with other insurers had adjusters out that day or the next, those of us with SF waited 6-10 days. I have a $6K deductible, and they are being HORRID to deal with. A power surge during the storm took out my a/c and my coffee pot - they are telling me that my a/c went out b/c i "don't change the air filters regularly"(which I do!). My agent has been MIA, hasn't initiated ONE phone call to check on things, and was extremely rude when I called him. There is one SF agent here in Denton that has been so kind to me - I called him to beg for help since my agent is so awful, and I am SO appreciative to him for being so kind and helpful, but this has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I don't think I can stay with SF. I have already moved my auto to Geico, not sure where I'm moving my homeowner's. Our claim is not even close to being done, but it has been a nightmare that I never want to go thru again. I have talked to literally hundreds of people since the storm, and I have heard good about Allstate and Geico. State Farm USED to be a great company, but for about the last ten years, they get pretty bad reviews, and their premiums are typically much higher. Good luck with your decision.



answers from Tampa on

Progressive. None of these has ever been able to touch the premium I have with Progressive. They have awesome customer service, too. And I don't know if they are still like this, but Geico used to be really bad about dropping you the second you have a claim even when it's not your fault.



answers from Miami on

Is this for homeowners? My Allstate agent searches almost every year for me to provide an A plus company that is the lowest premium. They work for YOU. This year he saved us $1800.00 by switching from Florida Peninsula to Allstate. We bundled it with our cars so we saved more. Every year we switch if we have to.



answers from Orlando on

I switch to Geico last year and getting a good price and better then Allstate. and since my car is getting older I took a higher detuctable and that helped a lot too and my husbands van is really old so i took less coverage for him, it all helps out..



answers from Minneapolis on

I used to have Geico when I was single. Absolutely loved the company! My x-husband used to work for a body shop and he hated State Farm. He said that they are very difficult to work with as far as claims go for the shop. There was a few times he refused to touch a job until the adjuster added more $ to the claim. He even got on the phone with SF and told the adjuster to come out to the shop. The customer has a rented car, paid for by State Farm so in the long run it was costing them the same as if the adjuster had just written it higher in the first place. They can't always see the damage like bent frames until it's up on the frame rack.


answers from Dover on

When I first started driving I had State Farm (that is what parents had) but the best premium isn't always the best way to go. They have been faithful State Farm customers forever and have had big hassles when they had a claim. We've never had Geico but my husband and I do have Allstate and they are wonderful. When we called for pricing they were the most reasonable for the amount of coverage, extremely nice, and we have now been with them for over 8 years. We have had a few minor claims (both auto and home) and have had excellent service and FAST reimbursements.



answers from Phoenix on

We use Geico because it is the cheapest for us. Every now and then we'll get quotes from other companies but they can never beat Geico.



answers from Tampa on

Check with 21st Century also.
Most carriers are the same, you just have to be sure to have enough coverage & the right deductible for you. Alot choose $1000 so their monthly premium is less but if you have an accident do you have $1000 readily available to fix your car? I set mine lower. AND don't forget to request rental coverage. It will add about $45 per year but that is what you will pay in one day of rental if you need it. They will not put it on the policy if you don't ask for it...and keep an eye out at renewal time they sometimes will drop rental without you knowing it. It is a loosing situation for the Ins co to offer it but good for you to have.
I managed a body shop for years. This is what I advised my customers. Hope it helps you!



answers from Tampa on

I have State Farm, and I considered switching to Geico, but I found out that they are only cheaper if you are willing to eliminate some of your insurance protection. Just watch what you are getting as opposed to what you currently have.



answers from Houston on

I am currently with Allstate and also thought it was a high premium till I got quotes from Geico, SF, outrageous... much higher. Allstate is very competitive with their prices right now. Call your agent and go over your coverages and see if you have all the discounts that apply and see if there are any changes you can make to drop the premium. You might be pleasantly surprised. Good luck.



answers from Miami on

I don't know about Geico--haven't had them since auto insurance in college. However, stay FAR away from Progressive, thought I don't think they do homeowners. They are cheap, but will screw you with claims. Total nightmare. We have USAA, which is for military or vets--basically anyone who has been in the service at some point. Not sure if you can get them otherwise, but their rates apparently are very, very low. You might also check Nationwide, but they can be pricey, I think, though their service is supposed to be good. Of course, in Florida, I think most homeowner's is written through the state anyway (Citizen's). Good Luck! We moved from Texas to Florida temporarily this year and our car insurance has doubled because south florida's rates are so high. At least we only have to pay renter's insurance here for now.



answers from Provo on

where i live there is a company that specializes in finding the best insurance for you. it is called Blue Mountain. i found it by calling around to several insurance companies listed in the yellow pages because we were sure that there must be something cheaper than Allstate and Statefarm. there actually are a lot of smaller insurance companies that are significantly cheaper than the 3 you listed and we have had no problems with the obscure companies. maybe they are cheaper because they don't spend so much money on advertising. but they have been honorable.



answers from Hickory on

I went Allstate to Nationwide to Statefarm, and then back to Allstate. Where I live Nationwide was the highest priced around, and the people in the office were not very nice or helpful. Allstate is what my parents have had for well over 20 years. I went to Statefarm because a girl I went to school with worked there and it was ok while she was there and when she left I did not get the same care and help when I called in. The nI went to Allstate and love them. I have my husband and I both on the plan and it is not even 50 dollars a month. They people in the office are great and add to it all. I like a place where they will call me if I forget to run by so that I can pay it and not be late.



answers from Chicago on

I have been with Allstate for nearly 9 years and used to love them, but in then past few months therenhas been a huge decline in their customer service levels. They laid off my agent, never notified me, and then when I had some issues I got the run around. I also called them over 2 months ago to drop/add a car, and they never changed. I just discovered this today when they sent my renewal materials. They also have outsourced their call center and I could barely understand the rep on the phone today. I am NOT the type of person who gets annoyed by overseas call centers, as long as the service does not suffer.

I am shopping around as I no longer feel that Allstate is worth the extra expense.



answers from New York on

When I first started driving, I was with Allstate. This was the same company my mom used. The price was really high. I got quotes from some of the major insurers and they too were high. I finally opted for smaller insurance companies.

Over the years I have had to file claims and haven't had any problems with customer service at any of the small insurance providers I have used over the years.

Get quotes, lots of quotes and then make your decision. The last time I was looking for insurance Geico provided the highest price which really confused me.



answers from Miami on

I live in Florida and I would highly suggest Geico. I was with Allstate and my premium went up by nearly $200 although I have never had an accident or ticket. I called Geico and I am currently paying half of what Allstate was quoting me.

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