Anyone Use Geico Car Insurance?

Updated on July 25, 2014
M.S. asks from Troutdale, OR
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I am currently with Farmers, but I can save about $20 a month and almost double my coverage if I switch. I haven't had any claims with Farmers, so I actually don't know what that process is like, but I was wondering if anyone has had claims with Geico and how that went. Any problems or complaints? Any other recommendations?

Thanks so much in advance!

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answers from Chicago on

I switched from allstate years ago and save a bundle! We have 2 cars, one is full coverage, one is liability only(it's a beater!). I pay $79/month for both cars. Anytime I've called, they've been easy to deal with. We have had no claims!

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answers from Chicago on

We had Liberty before. We are now seriously spending half if not more as much as before even with three drivers and one new car. I love Geico. I first heard about it when my son went into the service and he had it. They were good to him also. We've had a couple of car accidents and they are very kind and fair so far.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter and I were rear ended at a stop sign this past Febuary. The other driver had Geico. I had an incident report made and received a copy. It stated that she was at fault.

I called my info into Geico. They started asking very personal information that had nothing to do with claims, or the incident. When I refused the agent yelled at me, "would you just give me it?" I thought are you kidding me? I was the one hit!

Then they called back 4x for the SAME information!!!!!!!!!! By this time it had been two weeks and nothing had been processed. I asked to talk to a supervisor who told me the other driver never phoned in the accident and therefore they could not verify what happened. Seriously? I told them that I had the incident report. She stated that would help to email it to her. First I sent a test email, it went through and then I sent the document with a request to contact me immediately after it was received. Two days later I had to call them! They explained it was the wrong paperwork (she had confirmed it earlier as I said ) and that they still could not process the claim. The other driver still had not called.

I asked what could be done. She gave me two options:1) wait for them to request and receive the report from the police which could take 6 weeks, or 2) go to the police department and pay them to send the request ppwk. She said it would still take 6 weeks to process.

If I was hit, why did I have to do all the leg work? Somehow they didnt have a "working" phone number for the driver, but I am sure the billing department did.

What should have been a cut and dry case ran on for about a month because of their games and incompetency! What a headache!

We just had liability on my car BC it was older( in mint condition), so our insurance did try to help us, but had no legal power.

Thank goodness there were no injuries! Could you imagine how that would've been handled?

If you do research on claims (when one of their drivers hits you) they are last in customer satisfaction.

Just thought I would share

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answers from Chicago on

About 6 years ago, we switched from Allstate auto to Geico and saved about $300/year. They are very easy to reach. My husband had one claim for a parking lot hit where the other car left before he saw the damage. Geico was really easy to work with.

The only concern I had is that I was under the assumption that you had a month grace period after the due date to pay your semi annual payment, just like life insurance. Well, it's only 2 weeks and when I called to pay, after what I thought was the grace period, I found out I was uninsured and my policy had been cancelled! Why wouldn't they have alerted me somehow? If nothing else but to keep the business?!

Well they reinstated me and I have stayed with them. Give them a try!

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answers from New York on

I've had Geico for years after switching from Allstate. At the time we had 5 drivers and 6 vehicles. Switching saved $6000 a year for better coverage. We've filed 5 or 6 claims and it's always been an easy experience. We have used their website for payments, changing coverage, printing out insurance cards, and following claims. Very easy to navigate too.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I had Geico for years and had no complaints. I switched to Liberty Mutual when I bought my house because I got a better deal from them bundling my homeowner's and car insurance together.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I was very impressed when we were in an accident, and the at-fault driver had Progressive. The lady ran a red light, hit us (which caused us to hit another car) and another car. Our truck, the other car she hit, and her van were all totaled out, and here were pretty extensive repairs needed for the car we hit. (Which happened to be my aunt's mom's. Lol.) Progressive was very quick about getting everyone's story, then processing our claims. We had a check for a new vehicle (and they actually gave us slightly more than the truck was valued at) within a week.

I don't know how satisfied the at-fault lady was, or how they handled her... But I was thoroughly satisfied as the 'victim' in the scenario.

We currently have Geico, and I like it... But we have never had to file a claim, so I can't say anything about that process.

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answers from Washington DC on

I actually had very little trouble processing a claim via GEICO when I was rear ended. They also rolled over very quickly when I pushed for a replacement car seat, even though it was not a high speed accident. The most annoying part was getting through on the phone (same with any big company), but we have retained GEICO through several small accidents (we have young drivers) and I'm satisfied enough to keep the coverage. We originally switched because when DH and I got married, we challenged both insurers to give us their best family rate and GEICO beat Nationwide by a mile.

Being able to use the website for partial payments is very easy and allows us to handle payments from multiple drivers without a fuss.

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answers from San Francisco on

We have had Geico for years. They've actually been great. No issues with billing, the handful of claims we have had have gone very smoothly, and I feel like the prices they've given us have been competitive.

Before that, we had Farmers, and I can't be sure, but would guess that the billing at Farmers is done by inbred orangutans. We had nothing but problems there.


answers from Washington DC on

safeco has given us by far the best rates.
geico would practically have to pay me to use 'em simply because i HATE that fecking gekko.


answers from Jacksonville on

We've had them for years. Always very fast, courteous, and efficient. No problems with any claims whatsoever.
When my husband was hit head on by an uninsured driver (oh joy, right?)... he was driving a rental car in less than 2 hours.
I've had them set up windshield repair as well. At my home. Always easy to deal with.



answers from New York on

Love Geico. Great at handling claims (and we have had a few )! Highly recommend them!



answers from Honolulu on

We have Geico for several years.
Never had a problem with them.
I was in an accident once, they handled it GREAT and promptly and I never had to nag them. They were on top of things, handled it quickly as they could, etc. and it was not difficult dealing with them.
They were courteous, informed, professional and did their job fine.
They sent us to a car repair shop that they use in my city, and they were great, sent the check to the car repair promptly and the person that handled our case, was VERY informed and knowledgeable about car repairs etc. And our car, had MAJOR car damage from the accident. And we got a rental car too in the meantime.
Had no problems with any part of the process from them.

We also used their roadside or towing coverage service and it was just fine. No problems with them.



answers from Reno on

I didn't have a good experience with Geiko claims (another driver's carrier).
Not what you asked, but have you looked at Progressive and done their price comparison? I previously got great rates through e-surance, but did the Progressive comparison and now am saving over $100/mo with State Farm with better coverage.


answers from Washington DC on

We have USAA.

I've never had to file a claim with GEICO (not yet...knock on wood).

My nephew has GEICO. He was rear ended and was given a LOT of run around while waiting for a check to get the repairs done. It took 4+ weeks for him to the check from GEICO - as the other person who hit him had GEICO as well.



answers from Albuquerque on

We have Geico but haven't had to file any claims. We have it set to automatic payment from our bank account every month and if we have to we can go onto the website and postpone payment to later in the month. You can also print insurance cards and change your policy on their website. Really convenient.



answers from San Francisco on

My boss has Geico and when he was involved in an accident, he said they were great.

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