Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test, Help Me?

Updated on February 07, 2016
J.H. asks from Buena Park, CA
11 answers

i was supposed to start period yesterday i still havent. took test 2 days ago which was negative. the last 2 weeks ive had every sign of early pregnancy what do i do?

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answers from Portland on

You wait and if your period doesn't come you test again. There's really no other alternative.

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answers from Washington DC on

you wait.

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answers from Chicago on

Wait one more week, then test again. PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are very similar.

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answers from Phoenix on

If you were supposed to start your period yesterday, you are only one day "late". What is an "early" pregnancy? I wouldn't do anything for 2 weeks then if my period didn't show up I'd take a pregnancy test. Not sure why at this time you are even wondering as it seems way too early.

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answers from Norfolk on

How old are you? (peri-menopause?)
Are you under any stress?
Any changes in diet or exercise routines?
Just about anything can throw off your cycle - pregnancy is only one of many.

Generally speaking, when ever I 'felt' pregnant - I wasn't.
And when I WAS pregnant - I had NO SIGNS - I had to hear the heart beat before I really believed it.

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answers from Boston on

I think you do what women have done for decades, maybe centuries. You wait it out. Frustrating, I know. Don't test excessively - it's just a big expense. If you are trying to get pregnant, continue to act as if you are pregnant - limit or avoid smoking and drinking, for example. If you are trying NOT to get pregnant, use a non-hormonal contraception (condoms, diaphragm - just not the pill which you can't start now anyway), to prevent pregnancy in case you are not. One day late is "nothing" in women's cycles. Your body is not a machine and it doesn't "perform" on a schedule all the time! Wait a week and if no period by then, take another test. I know waiting is hard in an age when we want immediate answers, but sometimes it's not possible.

Of course, the other option is to call you doctor or a local Planned Parenthood to find out about a blood test, which is way more accurate than a urine test. But again, it's an expense.

Pregnancy symptoms and pre-period symptoms and peri-menopause symptoms can all be very similar.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I know that you want to know but before these tests we used to never know we were pregnant until we were close to 3 months or more before we were sure.

I sort of think it's sad to go through what you're going through and all the wishing it was or wishing it wasn't true...I hope you have the outcome you want.

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answers from Boston on

you are only a day late...wait it out before you take another tinkle test...or you can go to your doc or clinic for an official blood test............

good luck

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answers from San Francisco on

Wait two weeks before taking another test and if it's still negative call your doctor.

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answers from Philadelphia on

You just have to wait. If you ovulated later than you thought you could still be pregnant however I was pretty regular too and the pregnancy came up positive on the first day of my missed period with each of my four pregnancies.

Best of luck.



answers from Toledo on

I don't think any pregnancy test can detect a pregnancy until you're actually late. So taking a test before your period was supposed to start isn't going to tell you anything.

If you take another test and it's negative, don't be alarmed. That's not unusual. You just have to give it more time.

If you still haven't gotten your period in a week, go ahead and take a test. But if it's negative don't worry. It's not weird for your period to be late even when you're not pregnant.


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