Could You Still Be Pregnant Even If Home Test Says Negative?

Updated on September 18, 2012
C.M. asks from Chicago, IL
8 answers

i took two home tests and the both said negative, but I'm like 3 weeks late on my period and i feel sick to my stomach. could both tests be wrong? my period has always been normal up till couple months ago. i had a similar issue a couple months ago, where i was late and i ended up getting my period about a week and a half late. however, this is quite long. my last one started july 30. are false negatives common? i've hearda alot of people get false positives, but not sure about negatives.

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answers from Indianapolis on

My cousin never tested positive with her 2 pregnancies. She had to get blood work so yes you could be pregnant.

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answers from New York on

Sure can says the woman who was pregnant with twins and tested negative.

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answers from Topeka on

yes you can it varies on how your hormones being detected on tests pee first thing in the morning test,if still negative retest in 48 hrs.I knew I was all 4 times my first no problem my last 3 I tested repeatadly over the couse of a week in a half after my missed cycle was 2 days late.


answers from Norfolk on

I don't know how old you are, but towards my late 30's my periods became a lot less regular.
There's a lot of reasons for a period to be missed and pregnancy is only one of them.
There are other reasons for hormones to fluctuate (and hormone fluctuation can make you sick to your stomach) - stress, living with a bunch of other women (periods tend to synchronize across the group), Peri-menopause, thyroid issues, etc.
See your doctor and have it checked out.



answers from Chicago on

Yes!!! I took 5 tests, all negative, then went to the doctor and it came out positive there! I was 4 weeks late at the time when I went to the doctor and was taking a test every week since I was late and all were negative!
I ended up having miscarriage a few days after the doctors visit, so I think something was wrong with that pregnancy from the beginning and the hormone was just lower then normal and didn't show up on the store bought tests....


answers from Hartford on

Your period can be late for many, many reasons only one of which is pregnancy. Being nauseated is a symptom of many of those reasons.

The first thing you should do is make an appointment with your OB and have her order a pregnancy blood test to rule out pregnancy and then narrow things down from there. A blood test will tell you for certain if you are or aren't pregnant.



answers from Washington DC on

False negative are more common when you test early. You may be off with your dates, thinking you should be on, but maybe not yet. Every so often my body "resets" itself; I will come on the 21st of the month for 9-12 months straight then skip a month and then I start the 5th of every month for awhile. I don't know why my body does this. I thought at first I was pregnant but I was not.

Anytime, you get a negative and don't start they say to wait a week and retest, not the next day.

If you are really concerned call your DR and speak to the nurse, she may want you to come in.

Good Luck



answers from El Paso on

Usually a false positive is only possible if you're on fertility treatments of some kind.

A false NEGATIVE, however, is much more common since individual hormone levels vary so much from person to person. Go see your doc and have a blood hormone level test done to check for sure.

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