2 Weeks Late, but Pregnancy Tests Say Not Pregnant

Updated on February 25, 2014
D.G. asks from Saint Helens, OR
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I am over 2 weeks late. I have taken multiple pregnancy tests and all say I'm not pregnant. I called my doctor and was told that the tests are probably right. It's driving me a bit crazy waiting for my period. I have always been one to start early rather than late. The only other time I was this late, I was pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this? I am 36 and in good health so don't know what else could be causing a late period.

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answers from Bellingham on

It can happen. It will likely just start back up next month sometime. If it doesn't get a doctor to examine you. I've had strange things happen related to these kinds of things and they didn't start till my late 20s. Just keep an eye on it.

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answers from Seattle on

The last year+ has been really stressful for me and missing periods is just a couple of the reasons I've ended up at the doctor office's for stress. I had never missed a period (except for my pregnancy/nursing time). Last fall I went 2 1/2 months without a period and then last spring, a missed another one or two. Many factors can make you miss your period: stress, nutrition, exercise habits, lack of sleep, illness, etc. After missing 2 in a row I was seriously worried that my husband's vasectomy had re-attached. LOL!

The first 2 weeks of your cycle (day one of period to day 14 or so) can really be affected by what's going on in your life and can fluctuate. That's why, even if you're regular, you can have a range of days in your cycle (such as, 26-31) any given month. Once you ovulate, it's always 14 days until your period - unless you're pregnant (or you have medical issues). Do you happen to know/remember when you ovulated? If it was also a few weeks late, then you could still be on time. Personally, I never knew when I ovulated until I charted when trying to get pregnant. It was amazing to be able to see exactly when my period would start. If you haven't charted before, I recommend it to get to know your cycle/body more.

So, yes. I've experienced missing periods without it being due to pregnancy. My doctor's advice was to wait and see - well, that and take a vacation by myself which wasn't happening. ;-) She said that if I went 3 months without a period, that they would re-test me. I would keep in touch with your doctor and note if there's any other changes in your body.

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answers from Indianapolis on

2 things an cause it. 1) The older you get, the closer you are to menopause and the more your cycle will change. 2) Every woman goes through annovulation periods for different reasons. Have you been under more stress than usual? Start charting your fertility cycles and you'll know if and when you ovulate. You will ovulate less and less as you approach menopause. Get "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and learn about your body, it will really help the anxiety of natural body changes that stress out most women who don't understand fertility.

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answers from Portland on

Lots of things can cause a late period. Try not to stress over once. If irregularity continues to be an issue get your thyroid checked.



answers from Portland on

A lot of times if you think you are pregnant you won't get your period. Try to relax and tell yourself you aren't pregnant and then your period will probably come.

This happened to me and as soon as I relaxed my period came. I was over two weeks late.




answers from Chicago on

I know someone who was over 7 month pregnant and still had negative home tests..



answers from Houston on

Similar boat...
9 days late, 2 preg test: negative. ALL symptoms...
Good luck to you, finding the RIGHT answer.



answers from Chicago on

When I was trying to get pregnant, I missed a period. This was very unusual for me, and the doctor didn't know why. I went 8 weeks without one. But, I was given a shot of progesterone to "restart" my cycle. It was just a one time fluke. I was bummed I wasn't pregnant, but shortly thereafter we conceived.



answers from Seattle on

Stress..... If you are really concerned about being pregnant, then make a doctor's appt and have them do a physical exam as well as a blood test.

Depending on family history, you could be experiencing peri-menopause. Again, go see your doctor for a physical.

If a pregnancy is something you're hoping for, start taking over the counter pre-natals in preparation for a pregnancy, if you smoke, quit. Taper back on your caffeine consumption (coffee, tea, chocolate, cola drinks). Life is good.



answers from Milwaukee on

I know it's aggravating, but try to wait another week before taking another test. With my first child, my tests were not positive until well after I was 6 weeks along. I guess I don't make a lot of the hormone they test for. One day I woke up with obvious pregnancy symptoms and two days later I finally tested positive.



answers from Anchorage on

Wait another week, and if you still do not get your period and the at home test says negative, ask the doctor to do a blood test to be sure, and than talk to him about what may be going on to cause this change.


answers from St. Louis on

I have skipped a whole month before. 30 days late.

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