Kid's Birthday Venues in the Twin Cities

Updated on January 01, 2012
K.T. asks from Saint Paul, MN
5 answers

My son has a birthday coming up, and I would love some suggestions on a place to have the party! I know of The Blast in Eagan, and Eagle's Nest, Como and Minnesota Zoos, Children's Museum, etc. but I'm wondering if there's something out there that I haven't thought of? He is turning 4. Somewhere in the St. Paul/ Roseville/ Maplewood area would be best. Thank you!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yes, Choo Choo Bob's (St. Paul at Cleveland and Marshall) does birthday parties. Great location for kids into trains. Another train spot that does parties is the Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul. The party room is an old train car inside their museum.

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answers from Minneapolis on

YMCAs do birthday parties, as do nature centers and city park and rec departments, although I don't know what their winter options are. For the YMCA you have options regarding gym, swimming and party room. We did the gym and party room option once. It worked out well for active boys. The Grove in IGH has a zero depth entry pool and water play area (indoors of course) that's good for younger kids (and a party room), but I would only do that with a smaller group and/or extra adult supervision. We had my younger son's 5th birthday there and everyone had a lot of fun.



answers from Bloomington on

A friend of mine takes her daughter to Choo Choo Bob's in/near Woodbury all the time. I think it is a hobby shop that has a big room for trains etc. She also talks about Izzy's ice cream shoppe very close to that. I wonder if either do birthdays!?!?

Just past Forest Lake is a newer (5 years old or so) bowling alley and arcade...Stars and Strikes. It may have a Wyoming address.

How many kids are you planning to invite?? How soon is the party and does it need to be indoors? (I'm guessing yes unless it is a summer birthday!!! --- I do NOT miss that weather!)


answers from Chicago on

If you think they'd enjoy a bounce place:
Sky Zone in Oakdale
Pump it Up in Oakdale

Flaherty's in Arden Hills (Off Hamline & Co Rd E)



answers from Tulsa on

Our 2nd best and easiest party was at a place with 7 bounce houses where the families could sit around tables while the kids played. We bought cheap pizzas and capri suns. People stills talk about how much fun that was 6 years later. (chuck e cheese and mcdonalds were a bust as many parents HATE those places and chose not to come).

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