6 Yr Old B-day - Train Theme?

Updated on September 07, 2012
J.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My son is turning 6, and is in Kindergarten.
He's still obsessed with trains. He does like Thomas, but is really interested in steam trains, electric model trains, etc.

Do you think I could do a Train Theme b-day for him? Do you think it would be too "babyish"? I wouldn't do it Thomas the Train, just have a train cake, some themed games, decor, etc.


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answers from Minneapolis on

My almost 49-year-old husband still obsesses over trains! I definitely think you can do it in a "big boy" way. If you live in St. Paul you have lots of resources for ideas and supplies. This might be more for younger children, but there is the Choo Choo Bob's store in St. Paul. There is the Jackson St. roundhouse museum and gift shop. There is Bandana Square and the model train layout and gift store. Depending on how many guests you invite and when you hold the party you could even start at Jackson St. or Bandana Square and then go back to your house for games and cake. Have fun!

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answers from Kansas City on

No I don't think so. As long as you approach it from a "big boy" outlook, it will be fine! Trains are cool. If you have some of the model trains, etc. it would be cool to have them set up, I'm sure all the boys would like that. You can get train whistles cheap from Oriental Trading Co and you'd be the hit of the neighborhood, with the kids anyway, the moms might flog you though! ;)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Has he been to the Jackson St Roundhouse in St. Paul? They have a birthday party room that is an old train car. That would be perfect for a 6 year old train fanatic.

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answers from San Diego on

Trains are awesome! I am 42 years old and still love trains and Thomas. Thomas isn't just for babies. Drives me batty that people hold on to that notion! My 11 1/2 year old still loves Thomas and train.
You can do a Train party for big kids. I've even seen generic train party stuff that wasn't Thomas. You can buy train cake pans etc.
If he wants trains go for it! And own it!

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answers from Denver on

I suggest that to get ideas you and your son visit your Transportation Museum or one of the ones listed here: http://www.railmuseums.com/namerica/MINNESOTA/

Trains are cool : )

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answers from Boston on

No it's not too babyish. I used to have a cake book that showed you how to make different cakes for different occasions. I remember one with a train - you bake a regular cake mix (or 2, depending on your guest list) in those small mini-loaf pans. (You could make a large cake and then cut it up, but it makes frosting it very difficult on the cut edges.) Unmold the little cakes and line them up, train style, on a large platter or even a board you cover in foil or a section of a plastic tablecloth. Frost each section in a different color. Add 4 little oreos or any single-layer chocolate cookie to each car to make wheels. Connect them with a section of black licorice. Take one small cake and cut it in thirds - use one piece to make the locomotive taller in the back (attach it to the lower cake with a smear of frosting, then frost the whole thing. Take another small section and make it the "coal car" behind the locomotive. Take the 3rd section and make a little "roof" on the caboose. Use candies, small crackers or small square/rectangular cookies to make windows in some of the cars. You can also use gel icing to make letters on the sides of "freight cars". It's kind of fun and then each kid can choose the section of cake they want - usually half a "car" is fine for each kid.

I'm sure you can find this sort of thing on line with a photo.

Give the kids little engineer hats from the party store. You can buy a single train whistle at many toy stores or anyplace that sells to teachers - use that to start and stop games. You can adapt almost any party game to the train theme - pin the stack on the locomotive, etc. You could have them decorate wooden or foam picture frames with train-themed stickers and shapes, then take a photo of the group of "engineers" and email it afterward to the parents. You could have a treasure hunt, hiding little boxes around the house or yard, and have the kids "locate the missing train cargo" - whatever they find becomes their prizes/goodie bags so you don't have to do separate goodie bags. Just get the bags for collecting their loot. If you can't find train-themed bags, get clear ones and put train stickers on them. Craft and scrapbooking stores have tons of that stuff. Kids don't really care what you do as long as you make it fun!



answers from New York on

Trains are awesome!! No Thomas, 'cuz that's for babies, and he may let you know that. There are all kinds of trains, steam engines, locomotives. So long as it is worthy of the 6 yr old he is, you'll be fine.

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