Birthday Party Anywhere but at home...any Ideas??

Updated on September 21, 2010
N.B. asks from Cottage Grove, MN
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Hi Ladies!

I was looking for places to have my daughter's 4th Birthday. I'm working a lot in the month of October, and having a Birthday party at my house just isn't a good idea. I'm looking for ideas from all you mom's out there to see where you have had Birthday parties before. The only please I can think of is the Children's Museum, but I want to hear what every one else thinks!


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answers from Minneapolis on

Community centers and indoor playgrounds offer parties. The YMCA does birthday parties. What does your daughter like to do? She might be a little young, but pottery painting places have parties. If she likes swimming, the Grove in IGH has an age-appropriate water play area (indoors of course) and party room. There are other places that offer arts and crafts type parties, but since I have boys I can't give you any specific locations. We had one last week at a county park Visitor's Center. If you are willing to take a chance on the weather, you could go to a park with a nice playground and a covered picnic area. Oh, Build a Bear at the MOA has parties for a variety of different price ranges. That time of year, what about a maze, pumpkin patch or apple orchard? There's always Chuck E. Cheese, a popular choice for that age range, but not one of my favorite places. The Science Museum probably does parties too. I've hosted and attended many birthday parties so I will add to this if I think of anything else. Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Flips Gymnastics in White Bear Lake offers fun birthday parties. Pump It Up in Oakdale is also a convenient place to have a birthday party.



answers from Minneapolis on

Is she a girly kinda girl and really into the princess stuff? If she is, there is a place in Stillwater, I believe it's called The Tea Room. It's right on Main St. I was told they do little girl tea parties where the girls can come all dressed up and have their little special day. They or you can choose what you want from the luncheon menu. Never been there but heard it's a cute Victorian place and they love kids!



answers from Minneapolis on

The MN Zoo also does parties, so does Choo Choo Bob's in St. Paul. You could also try KiddyWampus (in Uptown) which is an art store with a party room. I think that even Creative KidsStuff has a party space, I could be wrong about that, but check their website.

I've never been to parties at any of these places, but we do visit them all and know that they are available.

Good luck! Last year I had my son's birthday at the local bowling alley, it was super fun. :)




answers from Minneapolis on

Lots of good ideas so far. The Science Museum of MN does do parties. Also Pump It Up (I know there is a Burnsville location) is a preschooler favorite. A bunch of community centers have an indoor playground and/or pools and have birthday packages available (Woodbury, Shoreview, Edina, New Brighton are a few I know about).



answers from Minneapolis on

Have you looked into any of the area nature centers? They all do birthday parties and their rates are similiar to, if not less than, the Children's Museum. My favorities are Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Lake and Dodge Nature Center in West St. Paul. The kids LOVE (I mean LOVE) it. Beautiful fall colors to appreciate and not so noisy, which is a huge bonus. The parents can actually have fun, too.

In fact, if we're invited to Chuck e Cheese, McDonald's playland, Eagle's Nest or other headache-inducing party setting, I don't go. It's too stressful. (I'm not a total party-pooper though, I'll still send the kids with dad or something!)


answers from Minneapolis on

I like: Choo Choo Bob's train store (St. Paul) and the Como Zoo.

Also, we have 2 October birthdays and one year, we raked a BIG pile of leaves that the kids could jump in and set up an obstacle course.
Last year, we did a bouncy house which I recommend if you want the party next year at your house.
Good luck!

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