Itchy Anal Area in 3 Year Old, Suspecting Pin Worms?

Updated on June 20, 2011
T.L. asks from Austin, TX
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My daughter has been complaining of itchy butt for a little while now and I am starting to get concerned that it may be pin worms after reading things online. I know it is very easily spread and know they usually treat the whole household if one is infected, I also have a
9 month old daughter and hate for her to have to go through it too if that turns out to be the case. Hopefully she has some other cause
of the itching, but it is persistent despite my attempts to try cleaning and putting vaseline or butt paste to try to stop it.
Anyone had to deal with this and what was the outcome? Thanks!

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answers from Houston on

You need to take her to the pediatrician ASAP. If it is pin worms then she needs medicine to get rid of them.

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answers from St. Louis on

one of my daycare families just went thru round worm. Itchy butt was the only symptom....& it was diagnosed when Mom opened the dry!! diaper & saw the worm. Off to the ER they went.....of course it was a weekend!

This is a famiy of 4 children & he was the only one with it. One round of meds, diligent cleaning & handwashing, & that was it. The dr said it was from the eggs which are laid in dirt.....& from playing outside as any normal child is allowed to do.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes! Just this week my kindergartener had worms. I dosed the whole family and now they're gone. It's very very common, and very very easy to deal with. Just see your pharmacist. I will dose again next week to ensure any new worms hatching are also dealt with. Wash bedding in hot water and make sure hand washing is thorough.

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answers from Spartanburg on

Check her poop for pin worms (they can be spotted) and send it for lab works. Doctor will give her a medicine which will take care of it. Unless your 9mo sucked on her sisters dirty fingers (say, she touched her butt and then played with the little sister) or she ate the same, uncooked, food the big sister had, the chance of her having pin worms too is very slim. It's treatable, but it must be diagnosed.

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answers from Canton on

If it is roundworm you have to take Vermox (medication prescribed by doctor) 3 days in a row twice a day and repeat in 2 weeks. Walmart carries Pin-x (you have to ask for it at pharmacy) PLEASE never let your kids run outside/at the park barefoot. I see this all the time and it drives me nuts! just sayin.... Have you done the flash light test at night? Have the doctor test the stool sample. If under two you can't take Vermox so ask the doctor what is best for your 9 month old. Yes, the whole family needs treated. You will have to wash bedding/clothing daily. I have found this is common but noone obviously likes to talk about it. Let us know outcome.

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answers from Boston on

Definitely check out the pin worm possibility with a doctor, but I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I both have super sensitive skin, and we both get itchy, both from dryness (forced hot air or air conditioning) or from wetness (long sweaty bikeride). The doctor advised to use cortisone for a few days to stop the itching and then use Vaseline nightly. Both if us have been checked multiple times over the years for bladder/yeast/worm/allergies/etc, but no cause was found, so it is attributed to sensitivity or allergy to detergents or something in foods. There can be many causes of itching, here is one article.

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answers from Topeka on

If you suspect pin worms do this at night (yes this is what our ped. told us to do because they can't be seen during the day)after she is well off to dream land pull her panties down turn her so for you can see her anus pull the cheeks apart take a flash light you can see them out of the anus then you know she has them call your dr report what you saw they may have you do a stool sample.I was horrified that my daughter had them at 2 come to find out since she was chewing on baby doll or any kind of hair on a toy it would come out in strains in her poop,she did have an itchy anus but it never was from pin worms.I felt silly after that.

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answers from Washington DC on

if you do not see a rash or some other cause for the itchiness - it's most likely pin's ONE dose and done...

take ALL the bedding off and wash it in HOT WATER and dry on HIGH HEAT...this includes pillows, bedspreads, blankets, sheets, mattress pad, etc. if she sleeps with stuffed animals - wash those as well...

if butt paste hasn't made it go away - take her in and get the pill - it's son had this a few years ago - yeah - it's a pain in the rear (sorry) to have to wash everything and to treat the whole family - but it's ONLY one and done...

You will need to ensure that her nails are clipped and cleaned as well...use bleach on the toilet and flusher....wash the door knobs and light switches as doesn't take much to spread the darn things..

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