Itchy Bottom-- Treated for Pin Worms, Still Has Symptoms-- Developmental Delay

Updated on October 08, 2010
K.B. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My daughter was seen by her doctor and diagnosed with pin worms about 4 weeks 3 weeks ago. I don't recall the name of the medication they treated her with but it was 2 chewable tablets taken 7 days apart. The doctor said she could see small thread like stuff around her anus which looked like particles of toilet paper to me (and my daughter's personal care assistant). I never saw any in my daughter and check often. Nothing ever came out in stools. I remember what they look like from my younger sisters case years ago which could have been much more severe and I realize you don't have to see them in order for them to exist, however we powercleaned/sanitized everything, trimmed nails, the works-- and the itching has not subsided.

The other bizarre thing is that my daughter never actually itched her bottom. It seems more like she is pulling her underwear out as though picking a wedgie. I thought maybe her underwear was too small but she does it even without underwear on. She does have a history of ecxema/dermatitis but that is always visible to me and she would generally itch that as opposed to pull a wedgie. I haven't changed detergents lately.

I put a call in to pediatrician and she said she would prescribe something to "sooth her anus". I know it can take a couple of weeks for eggs to die off and what not but I am at a loss with the wedgie picking syptoms. How often to Rx's not work with this type of thing? If is possible she may need another dosage?

My daughter is developmentally delayed and cannot explain what she is experiencing. Any thought? I read online that is the worms get into the vaginal opening this can cause vaninitus but again, I think I would see scratching. Thanks much

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answers from Appleton on

Was she actually tested for pinworm, or did the doctor just diagnose based on the threads she saw? There is a test that you can do to check for pinworm's a sticky plastic paddle that you can apply to her bottom at home then bring into the lab and they can look under the microscope for pinworm eggs.



answers from Minneapolis on

It could just be a repetitious habit; a tic so to speak. My husband worked for many years with kids and young adults with developmental delays and sometimes they would just do something over and over; unconsciously. One boy rubbed a spot on his neck until he rubbed a very raw, angry hole right into his neck.



answers from Des Moines on

my hubby was taking these pills...
what exactly is pin worms and why did you wash everything, we didn't so just curious, we did the sheets but not the whole house...?

Thanks, I hope you find out what is wrong!



answers from Bismarck on


DATE: Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I had never heard about such a thing before but for the itchy bottom I would like to recommend Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Vera Gelly. Now the Aloe Vera Gel would cleanse the person from the inside out and the Aloe Vera Gelly is for the itch.

I have recommend this to several persons for itching and it helps.

Feel free to check out the website

A Little about myself:
I am a mother of 3, the eldest 27 years and the smallest 17 years. I am a fulltime working mom and also a parttime working mom. I am also a Distributor of Aloe Vera products. I am married for 28 years.


answers from Portland on

I would take her to a naturopath if your family physician is not interested in exploring other options. Unless he actually takes a stool test, I wouldn't want to give here more of those meds. She could have a food sensitivity, or a hard time ingesting dairy or citrus, as that can cause rectal or bowel irritation. I am dealing with the same issue with my son right now. Everyone says it has to be pin worms, but I see NO evidence of worms and he also seems to be pulling on his underwear not really itching his bum directly. Baby powder on his rectum seems to be helping us at the moment while we wait to get in to our new naturopath.

Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on


I would get her stool cultured for parasites, perhaps clostridium. Does she have digestive issues? How often does she poop and what is the consistency?




answers from Minneapolis on

We had this issue with my DD. One of our ped's partners also dxed her with pinworms. I work in the field and my gut said no, but I went along with the treatment. Did the hotwater bed and pj strip/wash. The bed vaccum, tossed and bought new underwear. Still itching after treatment. I looked at night (pin worms come out at night) and did not see anything. I took her back in (my peds this time) told her it was not that. We got a urine culture and there was step in her urine. So inturn, her anus was irritated. Got on an RX for the NOW bladder infection (would have been a UTI if not dxed wrong at first) and got some nystatin for her anus. Guess what the symtoms were gone in 3 days. I think I would ask for a fecal test, a urine test and a topical cream for the private area. Good Luck. I know it is crazy what you have to do to the house when treating for Pin Worms. I actually had to hire help so that I could wash down every part of our house, on my hands and knees to get every inch of the hard wood floors, especially corners. Deep cleaned the carpets, the mattress, washed EVERY piece of clothes (AWWWWW!!!) So I do understand. My hat does go off to you... Maybe it is just a wrong DX like ours was.



answers from Rapid City on

I know there is new things out there available to test for the worm but it use to be that you put a piece of tape over the opening and leave it there for the night. That way if the worms come out, they stick to the tape. It might be a way to be srue there still isn't an infestation.

Good luck

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