My 3 Year Old Has PINWORMS!!! Treatment Advice

Updated on January 16, 2010
T.H. asks from Burleson, TX
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my 3 year old has been complaining about her bottom hurting. SO finally I asked specifically where the pain was and she pointed to her anus. Poor little thing. I looked inside and saw a pinworm! So like any other mother who has her pediatrican's pager number would do, I paged him (at 10pm!!) and was a bit freaked out! He called in a script. I gave her the medicine. How long does it usually take before she feels relief? Do I need to tell the people at her daycare so that they can treat and tell the other parents to treat also? Does everyone in the home need treatment? Anything special I need to do cleaning wise? She is not a dirty little girl. I feel so bad for her. If anyone has had a child who has had this and had to see it firsthand... you know what I mean when I say.. EWWWW !!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I know this sounds awful, but pinworms are spread in the air and are found where children play. I am a pediatric advice nurse so the advice I am giving you is sound.
First off, don't make her feel bad or dirty...anyone can get it. It will require her to take a medication (ordered by her pediatrician) just once and repeat it in 2 weeks if she is itchy or you see pinworms. Only those who are symptomatic need to be treated.

When changing her bedding to not fan or shake into the air, any bedding as this can spread the pinworms and they can be swallowed. Vaccuum her room, or wash the flooring. Bag any stuffed animals or things that might have come into contact with her body. Put vasoline on her anus because she may have scratched herself sore. Clean under her fingernails well. That's pretty much it.
And, yes, inform her day care. A notice needs to be sent around.

Hope that was helpful.

A. D.

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answers from Dallas on

I just want to give you a BIG HUG! This happened to my daughter in the 4th grade and boy was she SO mortified. I dont know how long she had been miserable before telling me, I hope not for long. I actually had NO idea what pinworms were and I took her to the ER that night.

She had a bad habit of sucking her thumb sometimes and I think that may have helped her contract them. Once she took the meds they started to appear in her poop in about 24 hours and did so for the next few days. We went ahead and got her another dose at the two week mark just to be safe. We did not see anything after that dose though.

We were not advised as a family to take meds, and thankfully no one got them. I would have been happy to have everyone take something just for the peace of mind.

Anyway, sending you a big hug, it is not a fun place to be!

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answers from Detroit on

I know how anxious you may be feeling let the medicine work or you can also check out this website ask for more information and put in the subject pin worm remedy and someone will get back with you.
I have had so much success in finding natural remedies that not only get rid of the problems but they stop them from ever returning. My sons had lots of allergies and the one son the first week of school got foot, hand mouth disease every year until I put a stop to it. Breathe relax, it will all work out and she is ok.



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We just bought a new puppy for christmas. During our first vet appointment the vet told me that since I had a toddler we should wipe the dog's feet with a wet wipe every time she goes outside. He said that dogs can have worms in their poop, step in the poop, lick their feet then lick your kid and give them the worms. He said wiping the dogs feet everytime she came in from the outside would greatly reduce the chance of my daughter getting worms. He also said we should make sure she washes her hands every time she plays with any dog and before she eats.



answers from Amarillo on

Yes the whole family needs to be treated but you do not need a script you can go to any pharmacy and ask for pinX. They may have to order it for you but most can get it next day. I would mention it to the director of the daycare and let her decide what to do. If the kids play out side at all there are bound to be stray cats and other critters that wander to the play area and use the bathroom. This is where they come from, does not make you unclean or a bad mom it is a fact of life like the chance of lice in school, ringworms, some go their whole life and never get any of these and others will get it several times. Good luck and by the way we started using kandoos at home for extra cleaning and it seemed to help with the discomfort but in a day or 2 the itching should stop and be on your way to recovery. And yes even though other members are not itching yet they still need to be treated.



answers from Dallas on

I've not dealt with pin worms, but as a parent, I think you should definitely inform the daycare. They will keep your child's name confidental, but they need to know. Good luck!



answers from Tyler on

My daughter was only 9 mos. old when she got pinworms. I had let her play outside and there were cats and a dog. I didn't know why she wouldn't sleep. The pedia prescribed sleep meds for her. Only when I called my aunt did she suggest pinworms. Sure enough! That was it! I had 2 more children and all had pinworms at one time or another. It's really no big deal. I don't remember how the meds were administered, but it never took long to get rid of them. It was never the ordeal like lice!

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