Is Okay to Carry My Toddler While Pregnant?

Updated on July 30, 2010
M.D. asks from North Brunswick, NJ
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I am pregant and a stay at home mom and I have a 18 month old toddler who weighs about 30 pounds. I am with him alone all of the time and he constantly demands to be picked up. Such as when we go out for a walk, or when we visit the laundy room or just at home. I hate saying no to him when he asks to be picked up and when I do, he screams and cries. Is it safe to carry him around during pregnancy?

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So What Happened?

Thanks so everyone for your responses. Whenever I ask someone this question, I hear no, no, no. It was nice to hear some alternative feedback and actual suggestions. Special thanks to the lady that told me not to say "Mommy cant hold you because it will hurt the baby". I have actually said that before and thinking about it now I realize that that could indeed make my toddler resent the new baby. I am never going to say that again. Thanks so much mamas!

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My dr told me that it was safe to lift baby as you are used to carrying that weight. You wouldn't want to start lifting things that you normally don't.

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You may want to consider getting more acclimated to holding your hand during some of those times when he would rather be held. Soon there will be someone else in your arms and you don't want him to feel displaced.

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The human body protects that baby so well, it's completely fine for you to carry your 18 month-old. However, I do agree that you're going to start needing to set a new precedent for him regarding his desires to be carried. Once that baby arrives, your ability to carry him is going to be limited, and it doesn't sound like he's going to like it.

Around 18-19 months is when both of my kids began to exert themselves a little more. I was 24 weeks pregnant the first time around, but I also realized that the ability to devote all my attention to one child was limited, and I needed to make the most of it.

Good luck!


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Mine are 17 months a part and while my son could walk, he still wanted to be held all the time and it was much quicker and easier to carry him into stores than to fight him constantly tripping over his own feet and taking forever to walk into the store. Everyone kept telling me I needed to make him walk and to stop carrying him. One of the biggest contributors of this was my mother-in-law. I decided to ignore everyone and continue carrying him. My pregnancy went fine and our daughter was born completely healthy. Unless it is hurting your or there is some medical problem, such as with the umbilical cord or placenta, I wouldn't be concerned about carrying your toddler through pregnancy.

Also, our son would occasionally jump onto my very huge pregnant belly when I let him sit on my lap or when I sat on the couch. That of course hurt badly and I would try and keep it from happening, but even that didn't hurt our daughter in the least bit. I actually have a picture of our nearly 30 pound son (at the time) sitting on my huge pregnant belly (as I held him while I stood) the day before I gave birth.



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as long as you're healthy and it doesnt hurt, there's no reason not to.



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Unless your doctor specifies that you have a weight limit it should be fine. If you start to feel discomfort then you may have to stop but I understand what you mean mine goes up up up and lifts a leg it's so hard to say no to that. There was a good point previously though about trying to get him used to walking with you more. It'll be no fun with a carry me toddler and a newborn. I wouldn't tell him no I'd just encourage him to walk more as you go through your daily life.



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As long as it isn't hurting you, I carried my first around when pregnant with my second till the day I delivered, I didn't however with my second when I was pregnant with my third but I had some bad back/hip issues.



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I worked in a nursing home while I was pregnant and I had to lift and move a lot more then 30 lbs. Unless you have any underlying issues I say its perfectly fine to pick up your child.



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You should ask you doctor. Mine always told me with all three of my pregnancies not to lift over 25 lbs.



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I wouldn't carry him around. Not only for your and the baby's safety but he needs to get used to not being held since you'll have your hands full soon. You don't want to stop carrying him when the baby comes b/c that will just add to the jealousy. I tried to only hold my kids while I was sitting down when I was pregnant.



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Ask your OB. I'm 38 weeks and have a 32 lb 3 year old. I only carry him when he is sleeping (up and down stairs at that - like from the van to his bed) but I was told it wasn't a problem. I do this usually once per day, plus lifting him into the van, up to see something, and occassionally for a boo-boo! I was told it was perfectly okay to do. I don't carry him super long distances though! I agree with the others that you are going to want to explore other ways - if he isn't used to a stroller, now is the time and you'll probably need a double!




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most women can lift up to 50 pds while pregnant. I use to carry around our neighbors girl (who was three so obviously more than 30pds) while pregnant with my son and it didnt hurt me or the baby. but also remember that you will have to be carrying around a new little one very soon so now might be a good time to break your toddler of the habit of beign carried around. just be careful not to say things like "mommy cant carry you because it could hurt the baby." daying things like thing could make him resent his new sibling