Is $270 a Month Good for a Personal Trainer

Updated on August 21, 2010
N.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi Everyone,

Over the past 4 yrs I've procrastinated about loosing the belly fat from the birth of my daughter. I've tried to work out independently but it never last. So I've hit a point where I truly want to get in shape. I went to LA Fitness today and was shocked that I've gained 10lbs in less then 7 months. I was the women who stated, " Oh no the scale must be wrong". I can't believe this. I'm ready to change, but need to know if this is a good rate. By the way this would include the personal trainer present twice a week. Help me out ladies.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I personally don't like LA Fitness trainers. The ones at my gym anyway. Most of them aren't in that great of shape, there young and I've seen them training some of there clients the "wrong" way on the machines... I would keep an eye out at the gym for trainers that do "private" sessions at La Fitness... It's not technically "aloud" there (because the gym is loosing money that way) but I see guys at my gym that don't "work" at LA Fitness but train people there.. LA Fitness sessions are 30 minutes right? The "rate" isn't bad for 2x's per week but I would be very cautious of who you pick if you decide to get a trainer there..

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answers from Dallas on

The fees for Personal Traniers vary so much. I have a friend who is a personal trainer and he gets $150/hour. Yes, he is great and he is not affiliated with the clubs such as LA Fitness, 24 Hr, etc. He is highly sought after.

That said, the price you got for a LA Fitness trainer does not sound bad to me.

I pay $40 per 1/2 hr for my daughter's personal cheer trainer once a week.

You are doing the right thing by asking around. Get some referrals as well.

Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm 8kids dad's wife, I just don't have a mamapedia acct. yet. But here is what I did.
It's been 2 years, but what I did was to pay for the trainer a year in advance to make sure I showed up and did the work to get off the belly fat. Plus, they usually discount it if you pay up front. Towards the end, they would let me transfer my time to my daughter or spouse. But I went and worked for the first 9 months. I paid for 1 time a week, 1/2 hour at a time and paid $60/month, I think. It was at LA fitness also. See what they say if you can pay inadvance. By the way, I asked that my trainer help with swimming, as I chose to swim laps for my exercise. Later, we worked out some training techniques on the equipment as well, so I could get a better overall workout.



answers from Atlanta on

Holly Cow... I go to the Y. A personal trainer, once a week for six weeks is $180. You can choose to do twice a week... either way $30 a session for one hour. YMCA are typically cheaper than "gyms" and have all the same equip. and many more benefits.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My husband is a personal trainer with his own studio and charges $40/hour or 10 sessions for $375. Most of his clients have 2 appointments/week. The trainers who work out of 'gyms' typically have to charge more. For example, say LA Fitness charges $60/hour, LA Fitness will usually take around $40 and the trainer gets about $20 (that may vary from gym to gym, but from what I hear that's the approximate split). I don't know if the trainers get a salary from the gym in addition to the $20.

My advice, try to shop around. Try to find a studio that specializes in personal training only or even for someone that may come to your home. Just be sure to get your cardio and some other activity in addition to the 2x/week with a trainer. My husbands clients are welcome to come in and use the cardio equipment, free of charge as long as he's purposes. Good luck with you goal!!



answers from Chicago on

2 days a week times 4 weeks, with an additional day here and there since the months really are not 4 weeks is really not a bad price. A friend of mine paid $60 per session. The trainer fees were based on their education. A good trainer continues to study and learn new moves and ways to maximize your health and exercise. I woulds ask what their trainers have done, what level. One thing to ask yourself before you do go forward with it is will you continue without the trainer? exercising 2 days a week isn't going to give the great benefit you can get for the price you will be paying. There is a new LA Fitness near me and the price was just too high for me, it is expensive to join.



answers from Dallas on

I think this is about right. When the facility (like LA Fit or Lifetine Fit) brokers the trainer, they must include a portion to "cover the house". When I was a member at Lifetime, the trainer sessions were about $40-$50/hour.



answers from Seattle on

1: Gym scales are often set to read "heavy". They make the body builders feel perky, and women feel fat. Which keeps their clientele coming back.

2: PTs vary a great deal. I would call up every major gym in your area and ask what their personal trainer fees are, any packages that they have, and any specials they may be running (2 for 1 for x # for new clients is typical, as are 5 free, etc.) Both my brother and sister had one for about a year. My sister paid $75 an hour, while my brother paid $20 AND had 5 free the first month and 2 free for the first 6 months. MAJOR difference in cost.



answers from Indianapolis on

LA fitness is one of the more expensive facilities due to all the other stuff they have there. Before you join there I would look into any smaller gyms that are around you. We live outside of Indianapolis and I pay $175 for 8 sessions.

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