Joining a Gym? What's the Real Cost?

Updated on January 06, 2012
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
6 answers

I'm in Texas. Thinking about joining a gym because I feel like I need a personal trainer to fit my need to gain a little weight with the fact that I also need to lose some belly fat. Not sure if this is something that we can afford or not. What's your take on this if you've done it? Worth it? I think it would only take me a few months to get where I want to get physically so a year contract wouldn't be ideal unless it was a better deal.

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answers from Dallas on

You can join the YMCA right now for a $1 for whatever day of the month it is, ie January 6th is $6. The cost for a whole family is $58 per month, and that includes all of the fitness classes, use of the pool, childcare, etc. Personal trainers are $40 per hour. If just you are going to join, it would be cheaper for the monthly rate. You don't have a contract - you just have to give them 30 days notice if you want to cancel.

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answers from Dallas on

My family membership at the YMCA is 47 a month. I get a reduced rate, even though I make good money. They have a financial asisstance program that is very liberal. You can pay a little extra for personal trainer. Much much cheaper than at traditional gyms. The upside to the Y is it's very family oriented and casual. It's not a fashion show or meat market. The downside is it's very basic, kind of small, not as much equipment or ammenities. The classes are great. I love Zumba, Yoga, bellydance, and Kickbox. They have spinning, ab class, butts and guts class, but they would kick my butt. I'm too chicken for those.


answers from Chicago on

I would do a local rec center's gym and see about having a personal trainer consult if you feel you need/want one. My girlfriend said she LOVED the experience she got out of doing a woman's only boot camp.



answers from Houston on

$80/month at the Y. $60/month at the gym & $20/mo for a trainer retained by an 18 month contract @ 1 session/week for the first 3 months, 2 sessions/month for next 3 months, 1 session/month for next year. That is basic plan at my gym. You can pay for more sessions, but you literally PAY more. 3 thirty min sessions a week add up to $100+ month.

Trainers are a rip off if you are serious about getting in shape. Go w/the gym but don't go w/a personal trainer. Take all the classes they offer instead.



answers from Spartanburg on

I just joined a Curves in my small town, don't know if this or something like it is available to you but I am impressed with how cheap it is...$30 to join, $34/ pay every month with a year's contract or prepay with a 6 month contract...$50 to cancel. I am sure the rates vary a bit from location to location. It seems like having a semi personal trainer...the owner or employees always make a point to ask me how it's going and if I need help, advice, etc...they regularly check wieght and measurments and have additional classes (zumba, yoga) and nutritional counseling for cheap cheap cheap. I had a my 3rd baby in August and basically just need to work my stomach, I also am clueless about working out in a gym so this works well for me b/c they tell me what to do, how to do it, and for how Gym for Dummies :)


answers from Dallas on

I would go the rec center route if I were you.

We joined 24 Hr a few years ago at $1500 and then we could renew each year at $99.

In the beginning it was ok but after a while, it just stinks when you go in, locker area was not clean and this year we did not renew. When we opted not to renew, we got phone calls pressuring us to do so and I told them the place was dirty and I was not paying money to go to a dirty gym.

Get out and walk, we have some beautiful trails and parks. I walk a lot in my neighborhood and on the trails just to keep fit. I am not looking to lose weight or anything though.

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