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Updated on February 16, 2012
K.I. asks from Lindenhurst, NY
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Hi All,

I need help! I haven't gotten any sleep in the last 3 nights and it is taking it's toll on me. I have always had a problem sleeping...I can fall asleep just fine but then I wake up by 2am EVERY night and toss and turn ALL night...I usually just roll around while my brain goes crazy til about 6am then fall asleep until 7:30am when the alarm goes off and it sucks!

My husband bought me some OTC sleeping pills, Unisom and all they did was make my legs restless? Totally sucks!

I do not want to go to the Dr....I have $50K worth of Dr. bills from when I broke my arm and am NOT excited AT ALL about racking up any more bills, even tho I do have health insurance now!

Any ideas to help? Any OTC sleep aids that really work?


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answers from Charlotte on

You need to go to the doctor. Sleep deprivation takes a big, big toll. I have not found any OTC med that helps this, to be honest.

Please just pay the doctor's visit and get the help.


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answers from San Diego on

Go to your nearest health food store we use Henrys and get some pure lavender, put a couple drops on your pillow or a folded hankie or other cloth, and hold it close to your face/nose and breath normal and it will helpm you fall assleep and stay asleep, I use it everynight, don't put to much thinking it will work even better cause it may cause you headaches, but using it right works like a charm, I use it every night. J.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hormones......... Insomnia can be triggered by a fall in Progesterone which happens right before your period (so that you can shed the lining in the event you don't become pregnant) Progesterone is at it's highest during your luteal phase.. That said.. notice when you are having these sleepness nights.. If you drink a lot of caffeinated drinks and or wine during this phase, you may want to cut back... Other tricks I use.. Exercise of course has been key for me...
Keep in mind, even in one's 30s, the hormones are changing... those little 1 to 2 hour wakeup calls in our brains can often be a result of Estrogen dropping which in turn sends a signal to our brain RELEASE adrenaline, hence you are zapped out of your sleep..

at some point, you may want to consider having your hormone levels checked to see where you are cycle wise. I have found that as I learn more about my monthly cycle, I can make adjustments within my lifestyle and or with my nutrition. Dr. Vliet has some good books out there. You'd be surprise how much of everything in our lives is hormone related... good and well, not so good.

good luck!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I use Unisom together with melatonin. I'll take one unisom and 2 - 10 mg melatonin. Just one or the other doesn't do it for me - I have to use them together.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I love melatonin you can buy all different mg. I use 10 mg. works great for me!

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answers from Cleveland on

I use Benedryl fairly often and very successfully. It's cheap and easy. If I take 2 at bedtime, I usually sleep through the night pretty well. Sometimes I'l take 1 in the middle of the night if I can't get back to sleep. Yo'ull have to experiment some what your body can handle. Obviously you don't want to be too groggy when you have to get up. If you have health insurance now, you could see a dr and ask for Lorezepram. It's great. It just relaxes your mind. You just have to be careful to not get addicted. Even Tylenol helps sometimes... Regular Tylenol. Or a friend said Advil is a muscle relaxant so that helps her. Melatonin at bedtime helps my husband hugely. It's natural and easy too.

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