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Trouble Finding a Comfortable Position to Sleep In!

R.Y. asks from Miami

I usually sleep on my belly and now that my belly popped this position is no longer an option. I have read about those body pillows that help with sleeping on the si...


Am I Ever Going to Be Comfortable Sleeping During My Pregnancy?

C.P. asks from Provo

I am just getting to the stage in my pregnancy where I have outgrown clothes and have constant back and muscle aches. During the day I can move around but the second ...


I'm 33 Wks Pregnant and Baby in Frank Breech Position.

A.C. asks from Los Angeles

I'm almost 34 wks pregnant and my baby is in the frank breech position. I had my o.b.g.y.n. appointment last week and she did mention if he did'nt turn obviously she ...


Pregnancy Sleep Issues

A.D. asks from San Francisco

I am 4 months pregnant and have been sleeping on my left side for some time now. I am having difficulty remaining in this position due to the pressure on my left hip....


Late Pregnancy Sleep Issues

T.D. asks from Sacramento

Hi Mamas - You've helped me so much in the past I'm hoping to tap your wisdom again. I'm 31 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and recently started feeling as though I can'...


What Is the Best Body Pillow to Purchase?

A.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all, I am 11 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and would like to purchase a body pillow. There are so many to choose from, I would like your suggestions on whic...


JFF, How Do You Sleep?

J.C. asks from Columbus

How do you sleep? On your back, front, or side? Do you move around in your sleep? I sleep mostly on my stomach, have for most of my life, sleeping while pregnant w...


Six Months Pregnant and Losing Sleep Fast

S.H. asks from Boston

I'm about six months pregnant and I haven't slept through the night in at least a month. Recently it's gotten so bad that I barely feel rested enough to drag myself ...


I Need More Sleep

A.L. asks from Sacramento

i am 39 weeks prego and have been waking about the same time every day but i keep going to bed later and later the babys room is ready i cant fix it any more then it ...


7 Months Pregnant. How Can I Sleep!?!

L.A. asks from Nashville

I am 7 months pregnant and am having a lot of trouble sleeping. I still go to work in the morning so it is very important i get at least 5 hours of sleep. I told my d...