In the Market for a New Thermometer

Updated on September 25, 2009
T.H. asks from Lexington, KY
6 answers

Hey Mommies,
I'm in the market for a new thermometer and am looking for suggestions. The requirements it must have: need to be able to use it on an small infant as well as a toddler, needs to be accurate, needs to be easy to use, and needs to give a reading quickly (as children like to wiggle and swirm). I was thinking of going with either the "forehead reading" or "ear canal reading" models so that I could get readings without too much invasive-ness if the children happen to be asleep. Also, I need something that is not going to break the bank. Thoughts?

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answers from Fayetteville on

T. -
I was NEVER successful with the Ear Thermometers....they hurt my ears so I was nervous about using them "aggressively" enough with my 3 boys.

I LOVE the Thermal Scan Thermometers. They have 2 options of where to take the temp - so you can "check" yourself. I think we have the Braun Thermal Scan. I find it very easy to use, and completely non-invasive. I played with it on well kids until I was comfortable that I could get an accurate reading with it and trust it.

Good Luck



answers from Parkersburg on

I just bought the Reli On Temple Touch Thermometer yesterday. I've played around with it & so far I love it. Its so easy to use! After you turn it on, just hold it on the temple & wait about 6 seconds for the beep. It seems to be pretty accurate...I took my temp several times throughout the day & they were all with in a few tenths of a degree of each other. The best part was, I was able to use it on my 20 month old dd without any fuss! I considered getting the Exergen Thermometer, but the cost is what changed my mind....$38 for the Exergen....$10 for the Reli On.



answers from Lexington on

We use the Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer. I bought it about 3 months ago and love it. We also use these where I work (as a nurse) and we have lots of pediatric patients. It is quick, accurate, and non-invasive. You can scan the forehead or place it right behind the ear to get a reading. You can get one for $30-$35 at SAMS club or Wal-Mart.



answers from Lexington on

Like your other responder we also have an Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer. I like it much better than the ear thermometer that I had before.

My main complaint with our old ear thermometer was that every time I needed it I had to put a new battery in it (it used a special watch battery and I never seemed to have one when I needed it and it was inconvenient to remove and reinsert the battery every time you wanted to use the thermometer - you needed a tiny screwdriver for that) - Who wants to deal with that when you have a sick child! Sorry, but I can't remember the brand for the ear thermometer - other brands of ear thermometer might work better.

I really like our new Exergen thermometer (we've had it about a year or a little more) and so do my children. If I don't keep it put up they like to play with it as though it is a microphone.
Hope that helps.



answers from Dallas on

We have used the Exergen forehead thermometer on our son when he was an infant, and as a wiggly toddler, he stands still when it "beeps" across his forehead.
Drawback: I generally take 3 readings and average them, as it depends on good skin contact.



answers from Wilmington on

My husband's internal medicine doctor told him to buy a thermometer that you use in the ear. That was for an adult but maybe it would be easier on children as well. At least it would be universal for both adults and children. When i used to take my son to the pediatrician (he is now 18) they used that type of thermometer. Good luck.

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