Any Good Thermometers Out There??

Updated on November 15, 2010
R.H. asks from Easthampton, MA
12 answers

Hi Mommas! Does anyone love the thermometer they use at home? I have had horrible luck and feel like I'm wasting my money!! I have tried the Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer as well as a few of the digital type (various brands) for the mouth/armpit. But none of them work! Any suggestions on brands/styles that work would be greatly appreciated!!!


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answers from Houston on

I have found that you have to wait until after the 'beep' on all digital ones. I just leave it until the numbers stop moving. I always take under the arm on the little ones, and I tell the pedi office if I take them in that I took it under the arm. It usually takes about a minute or so more for the numbers to completely stop, but that beep means nothing on those digital thermometers!

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answers from Anchorage on

I love the new vicks forehead one. You run it on the forehead and it works in seconds, and is more accurate than ear ones, and you can do it while they sleep with out them waking up. They are a little pricey (around $40), but in my opinion worth every penny.



answers from New York on

Vicks has one that is rectal, oral or underarm. I have using it for almost 3 years with no problems.



answers from Boston on

The best I've encountered is rectal and digital - it's the only truly accurate reading. As far as brand... geez, I think we have a Safety 1st (although the first one we had was better, but I couldn't remember what the brand is/was). It does allow you to change the mode; i.e. rectal/mouth/under the arm. I think it was about $25 tops.


answers from Boston on

the excergen temporal scanner. my kids love it and think it's a game when i scan their forehead,. you start in the middle of the forehead and slide it to the side by the temple and that's it. it works great. i can even do it while the kids are sleeping if needed.



answers from Boston on

Exergen temporal thermometer - available at WalMart - bit expensive but its the only one we could ever get to work (and last time we were at the doctor, they had "upgraded" to using it too!)



answers from Pittsburgh on

I was so frustrated with trying to get an accurate reading with the arm, rectal, and ear kind with my baby girl. I finally got a no-touch one from amazon. It's great. I will only use it from now on. It is the Kidz-Med 5-in-1 Non-Contact Thermometer.


answers from New York on

CVS pharmacy sells a digital thermometer that you place on the temple and it works great. It cost about 29.95



answers from Indianapolis on

I have a Kroger-brand "quick read" thermometer and haven't had any trouble with it.


answers from Los Angeles on

My husband who is a physician will not let me use anything but rectal for young children. In the Dr.s office, while they initially may use the ones that scan the head, they switch to old fashioned glass and mercury rectal temps if they really want accuracy. There's no getting around that rectal temp. if you want accuracy. I however use digital.


answers from Columbus on

I think we've tried every baby thermometer out there. A couple friends who are nurses said that temporal scanners are the most accurate, so right now we are using an Exergen we got at Sam's Club for about $30. It's more accurate than most we've tried, but it's still a little touchy sometimes. If you don't do it just right it can get a low reading. If you can afford a better temporal scanner that would probably be more accurate.



answers from Boston on

the only one will work is the one you got from the hospital, the old fashion way...LOL

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