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New to Area and Need a Gym

Its brand new, so only the cardio stuff was to be up and running 1/15 - I haven' t checked back due to family stuff, but I am a member and will be taking ...

Urine Stain on New Mattress

My 2 year old just had an accident on my brand-new mattress! It is a pillow top just a few weeks old and shame on us, we haven't gotten around to buying..."

Steam Carpet Cleaning and New Baby

It now looks brand new with the exception of one very small spot in the boys room that we have never been able to figure out what it was. ...

Washing Machine Help!!! What Brand and Kind to Buy.

They aren't brand new but they are about 1 year old. It is a Whirlpool and they are in great condition. I could sell them to you for $400 for both. ...

New Homer Owner, Need Security!

Not sure what they charge for a brand new install because I already had an existing system, but they do not do contracts like Brinks and ADT that have you ...

Time for a New Crock Pot!!

Mine just did the same thing, it was 10 years old, so I got a new and bigger one , I went to JcPenney and their cooks brand I got a stainless steel 7 quart ...

Does Anyone Buy or Sell Kids Clothes on Ebay ??

If you are, check this site out. This is a brand new business and you are allowed to advertise and sell books anyway you want and ...

Help Me I'm Desperate!

It's brand new to Texas which means most people haven't heard of it and want to try it. We don't do home parties - just share a great product with people we ...

Trying to Find a SAFE but Inexpensive Car Seat - Is the Cosco Brand Any Good?

Sep 23, 2009 ... And yes, it was expensive, but I saved that 15% (no one else was discounting it because it's a brand new model), and I knew the money was ...

Diaper Rash from Using Dollar General Brand Wipes

I have not noticed with Dollar General brand specifically, but can say that other ... Any product that's 'new to you' (foods, detergents, diapers, etc. ...
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  • recommend asg security in 2 answers "I highly recommend ASG Security - I upgraded my system in January and they were great."
  • buy a new car seat in 2 answers "As always you have to buy a new car seat once its been in an accident and I went out ..."
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