Ideas for Mix of Kids at First B-day

Updated on June 07, 2008
M.L. asks from Austin, TX
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We are having a backyard/house first bday. We have about 30 adult and 10 kids -- the problem is it's in late June - HOT - and there are 4 babies and 6 kids (3-7). I'm going to have 2 baby pools for the little ones, and we are doing burgers and beer for the adults. Any ideas for the other age kids?????


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I had some crayons and coloring books at the party and the 5 ~ 7 year olds really liked doing that. My son's birthday is in December so we had to have it indoors. That and plenty of snacks helped my party.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck!



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what about a slip-n-slide for the older kids. you can find them now for next to nothing. they may not even want to be out and about, so why not put in a kid friendly movie. check out for more birthday party ideas. i love this website and magazine. good luck!



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I did something similar for my son's 1 year bash and there were older kids to entertain. My son's b-day falls at the end of the summer and I happened to find one of those fancy slippin-slides with the blow up slide, bumbers and a pool at the end for 75% off b/c it was almost the end of the summer. I would check out toys-r-us for deals or if you can't find one almost all kids will enjoy a sprinkler and the old fashioned yellow slip n slide. Hope this helps.



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Congrats on your baby turning 1yr old!

Some ideas:

Water Sprinkler or two they can run through (adults too :-)
We have one regular lawn sprinkler and one with two flexible heads that move with water pressure...

My 4yr old loves cups and small-holed strainers to play in the water....think bath toys.

Hula Hoops
Bubbles - always a hit
Nerf/Soft Footballs
Soccer ball

That's it for me, I really think that if it's warm, that the kids will all want to be in the water.

K., mama to
Catherine, 4.5y
Samuel, 17m



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If you can get a slip-n-slide, that works great for all age groups!

The babies will have their own area and the older kids can use the slip-n-slide. Also, consider giving the older kids squirt guns or water-related fun toys.

It works like a charm!!

The adults might get into the action too...:-D



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Since you are talking outside party...Pinatas, are fairly cheap to buy and to fill up. Also Slip n Slides are way under $20 now ( you can pay more for the elaborate ones) but for a one time use get the cheap one. The sprinklers we have do it for my daughters friends. For my daughter, now 7 nothing beats a hose and some water balloons. I have found that organized games are for 7 and up, the little ones don't have the attention span, and you won't have the energy to keep rounding them up with a 1 yr old in tow. Kids in that age group love hot dogs (ketchup only please) pizza, cheese puffs and popsicles. They are easy to please. Have the pricey activities when your kid can enjoy them too. All the stuff I mentioned doesn't require alot of attention and/or work, so you can enjoy the party somewhat too. Good luck!

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