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Activities for 17 Month Old Girl

Enjoy your local parks for walks and playground activities, local museums .... Activities for Active 20 Month Old ... kids activities · activities for kids ...

Travel Activities for Young Kids

Travel Activities for Young Kids. We will be going on some longer car trips this spring and summer. We have always had smooth trips before, but I would like ...

Trying to Find New Ideas for Activities for 21 Month Old Who Stays at Home.

Kids love to make tents with blankets and sheets. If you don't mind, ... I know this can be time consuming but you can find some good activities out there. ...

Need 6 Year-Old Birthday Party Activities!

If it's warm enough outside, you can probably just get out the hose and some old towels to clean off the kids hands. You can keep all the activities outside ...

Any Fun/free Activities Today for Kids?

Read all 4 responses: "I wanted to take the kids out today and do an activity, but I am not finding anything that they'd like. Any suggestions?

Family Fun Activities Indoors Since the Rain Is Coming....

I have 3 step kids and 3 of my own. Great indoor family activities are cards, dominos, memory, and "Hat". "Hat" is a great way to encourage family ...

Any Good Rainy Day Activities for Two Year Olds?

Just looking for any good Rainy day activities for my just turning 2 year ... Kids LOVE to cook! You could bake cookies or make cupcakes or actually get a ...

Toddler Activities

S., If you are out in town, there are activities at Luckie Park or at the ... One thing my kids loved was balls, so I went online and bought a whole bunch ...

Activities for 15 Month Olds

There are chapters all over the country, and they are great for meeting new kids and moms. My boys and I usually go to a couple of activities a week, ...

Fun Activities in Minneapolis for Active 8Month Old

It is a wonderful organization to get to know other moms and kids. They have playgroups, activities, parties, outings, etc. Also, we belong to the YMCA and ...
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  • pin the tail on the donkey in 2 answers "Pin the tail on the donkey, button-button who's got the button."
  • long car trips in 3 answers "We take many long car trips and it si 100% worth the cost (you can get they pretty ..."
  • hardesty library in 2 answers "... am taking my daughter to a Learning through music class at the Hardesty Library."
  • dvd player in 4 answers "We already take along a DVD player."
  • coloring books in 4 answers "I always packed a bag of coloring books, ect."