Water Activities for Backyard Water Party

Updated on May 16, 2009
H.O. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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We are having a backyard water party for our 8 year old. What are some great games to play using water? Any ideas would be appreciated.


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answers from San Antonio on

You could set up a slip and slide and other fun water toys etc.

As fars as games try hotpotoes with water filled balloons and water gun hot games. Make a target and see who hits it.

We are doing the same for my sons bday but he is only 3! But I am even setting up a small pool for some babies that may come so they can have a small pool area with some small water toys from the dollar store.

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answers from Austin on

At Walmart they have the run&slide game, I'm going to get it for our son this summer. It looks fun. Its a long plastic roll out that you attach a hose to and it puts out water and the kids run and slide on it.
You could also do water balloons, thats fun too.
Good luck.

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answers from El Paso on

We played this for our family reunion and it went well. You will need tissue paper, duct tape, water guns and a bucket.

Bucket for refills of the water guns. Tape a piece of tissue paper, 4x4 or 6x6 onto the front of the kids shirts. They have to shoot water at the paper on each other. when their paper falls off they are out. Last kid standing wins. It works if you just put a little piece of tape in the top 2 corners.

Have fun,

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answers from Houston on

I am thinking of doing the same for my son who will be two in July. He teenage aunts so I want some things good for all ages. I will probably get a variety of water guns, turn on the sprinkler, fill water balloons and put up a volleyball net for water balloon volleyball, get a tub and put all kinds of measuring cups pitchers etc for free water play for the kids. Those are some of the things I am thinking, I am excited to see what other ideas you get on here!

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answers from Waco on

water slides and water pistols are always a hit.



answers from Victoria on

Water balloons, slip n slide, you could make an obstical (sp?) course out of the sprinkler, slip n slide, kitty pool with dive sticks or something, and water ballons and a basket ball hoop. Add other things like hula hoops just to be silly. Have fun.



answers from Houston on

Get water bottles and use them as pins and bowl. You can add food color to make it look intresting.



answers from Houston on

Those are all great ideas but if you don't mind dishing out a big chunk of change, you can rent one of those big blow up water slides. My niece had one at her son's party and kids of most ages had a blast. The ones under 4 really couldn't get on it if there were a lot of older kids on it. There was a rock wall for the kids to climb up and two or three slides. At the bottom there was an ankle deep pool and a couple of big guns that constantly sprayed water. I think she paid 150.00 to rent it and I saw one at Sam's that you can buy for 600.00.
Since you said any ideas are welcome and didn't mention if price was an object, I thought I would throw that one out there too.
I'm sure it will be fun no matter what you wind up doing.



answers from Austin on

Waterballons were a hit at my sons 7th b-day. They can toss them in a circle instead of hot potatoe, they can pair up and slowly move back playing catch till one of them drop it and they can have a water ballon fight at the end.



answers from Houston on

since they are old enough to be careful of eyes- shaving cream!! lots of cheap cans of shaving cream (NO menthol) and let them cover themselves. Then YOU get to rinse them off with big buckets of water!



answers from Austin on

My neice did a really neat thing last year . . . they set up a sprinkler under the trampiline so that it became a gian water splash toy . . . the kids were a little older, but the younger ones liked it too . . .

there are also water ballons, slip n slide, and water slides or even just a good old sprinkler or two . .
with Kids and summer I don't think it matters what you do as long as they get wet.

Have a blast!

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