Ideas for a Girl's Night Out with Some New Mom's

Updated on July 01, 2007
B.W. asks from Fort Worth, TX
4 answers

I am planning a girl's night out for a group of new moms and we need some ideas on what we could do in the area. Any suggestions would be great!

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answers from Dallas on

yeah, wine tastings are ok, but go to the comedy club downtown or to a piano bar, something to relax and do. I'm more of a girl on the wild side, so I like to go out dancing with my girls or going and doing something a bit outrageous, course I'm a mom-to-be with tattoos and have loved piercings before I got pregnant, but for downtime I'd recommend going for a massage and getting some group discount somehow, or going to a jazz or piano bar or going and taking a belly dancing class :)...

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answers from Dallas on

Check into Gloria's, there is one in Addison or in the Hurst is GREAT mexican food but then at 11:00 or so they have a live band I think that happens on weekend nights and they teach dancing on some nights of the week, it's lots of fun but you should call because I'm not sure if I remember correctly about the days and times...ya'll have fun




answers from Dallas on

Have dinner out and go bowling at the new Alley Cats in Arlington...sounds like fun to me :))



answers from Seattle on

If you are interested in a "Girl's Night IN", I do in-home wine tastings! They are lots of fun and you get to taste 6 different wines and learn food pairing ideas. Plus, we taste the wines with chocolates and cheeses. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you more info!

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