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Updated on May 29, 2008
L.G. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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My 9 year old says she doesnt like school. I have to struggle and fight to get her to do her homework or study everyday. I buy her books to read and extra things to do to help her with school. I am thinking about putting her in tutoring for the summer but not sure we can afford it. Does anyone have any advice on this school thing or for tutoring?

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I put my son in summer school for two classes one year. He was probably between 10 and 12 yrs old. He didn't fail any classes, but he didn't take school serious enough. He was smart enough..just lazy and didn't like the work either. I told him it wasn't a punishment..I just wanted him to stay on top of some of the important classes. He did a math class and an english class. He actually liked it and did much better the following year in those classes but still doesn't take school as serious as I would like. When he went it was only a few hours a day so it wouldn't ruin your daughters summer. I do not remember the cost though. It wasn't free..I remember that. It may be cheaper than having a tutor though...something to look into. Call your daughters school and get some info on both.

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Hi L.,

To begin with, you need to find out exactly why she doesn't like school. How are her grades? If she is struggling academically or socially, you and her teacher may just need to help try and build up her confidence and self-esteem. 9 years old is pretty young to not like school, and I think it should probably be fairly easy to get her back into it with lots of encouragement, depending on what the problem is. I would try to find a summer camp for her that is both academic/instructional as well as fun. Too much academics over the summer could potentially turn her off even more. Good Luck!


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What doesn't she like about school? The work (too hard, too boring), the school building, the teachers, the kids? Get to the bottom of the real problem. Have you talked with her teacher? Does she have any suggestions? I would start there.

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Well, I am not sure what more is going on "behind" your daughter's statement... It is possible if you are putting too much emphasis on it, that it is backfiring? (I say this as I have been there with your daughter and not judging you!). If her grades are okay (you did not mention this?), then why would you need to tutor her to get her to like school?

It may be there are bullies making it harder for her or something else. How are her eyes? Can she see the board (if they still have this?) My eyes were bad and I needed glasses to see, so my grades were poor due to this.

Have you gotten on her level to have a heart to heart with her and asked her why (w/out any repercussions) on why she doesn't like school?

I know I disliked it due to other kids making fun of me for various reasons, there are the typically bullies and a few teachers made my life miserable and this was affecting my ability to thrive. More books and extra stuff was not going to help me in that area as I was just really depressed as a child with what I went thru walking in the school doors...

I suggest talking with her, or getting her to the counselor or someone she will talk with. Be patient with her and understanding and show this to her. Frustration is picked up to the child (in all cases) and never helps any situation.

Best of luck and I hope things improve!

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