Husband Has Skin Problems

Updated on January 09, 2008
J.F. asks from Saint Johnsville, NY
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This question is about my husband, he is 28. For about a year now he has had little red bumps, almost looks like pimples but they are not, all over his body. Some are big and dark red and others are small and lightly colored. They appear mostly on his thighs, arms, and his side. He has been to the doctor and dermotologist but the creams they have prescribed are not working. They do not itch or hurt they just bother him because he can't wear t-shirts or shorts because he feels embarressed. I think it might be an allergy. If anybody has ANY suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you!!

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answers from Albany on

Has he tried any products from Arbonne? I would try either the NutriMen line which is specially formulated for men and has nanosphere technology or the Intelligence line which is usually recommended when people have skin conditions like Rosacea or Psoriasis.

Feel free to email me if you need any help.


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answers from New York on

hi J.,

it's very sweet of you to be writing in for your husband. going on the small bit of information you provided us with it sounds to me like your husband's issue is coming from the "inside -> out"... meaning, it's probably not simply a skin condition that can be changed in any significant way with topical creams (the creams don't address the mechanism that led to the bumps in the first place). rather, there's something going on either with his digestion/ diet, emotional life, or hormones (or all 3) that's manifesting on his skin... he may be fighting something. therefore you must work from the inside as well, topical creams are like putting a band-aid over the problem rather than really addressing it. if you know of any practitioners of chinese medicine, someone who practices both herbs and acupuncture, go see them. it may take a few months to clear up (depending on how chronic the issue is) but it will. he may be required to make changes in his diet, like giving up spicy foods, fried foods, dairy etc. as part of the treatment. herbs and acupuncture are effective at addressing the root of the problem... the "why" his body is having this reaction and it will change the need for that process to continue. good luck...




answers from New York on

Its calld keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin... its hardened keratin that blocks the pores... occurs more in winter months when your skin gets less air due to heavy clothing etc... its hereditary, but not contagious or serious...
sephora has a line of products called KP duty made just for it.. it has an exfoliant and a cream.. the cream is about $36 .. but if you go to cvs or your local drug store you can purchase Amlactin for a freaction of the cost & its seems more effective... or look for a product that is Lactic acid based to combat this skin condition.. also all products for this condition go on DRY skin, so dont apply right after the shower..
it sounds as if his is irritated, possibly from over scrubbing or exfoliating too much in an effort to get rid of it... light exfoliating is ok but too much makes it look worse..
the tanning bed has also decreased this for me, as does the salt water in the summer and actually just the extra moisture in the summer air improves it a bit.
Also wearing more breatable materials helps to decrease the severity as well...
its a vry common condition

alos taking EFA supplements can help a bit too



answers from New York on

I got my husband (the cynic) hooked on Arbonne's NutriMenC.

I use Arbonne on Lily & Owen (Owen had Eczema & hasn't since using it really worked for him). Here's the link....
• Botanically-based and pH correct
• Pediatrician and dermatologist tested
• Non-sensitizing, non-irritating
• Formulated without nut oils
• Tear-free hair and body wash
• Not tested on animals
• Sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection
• ALL Arbonne products are pure, safe, & beneficial
• It contains no mineral oil like some other lotions out there, meaning it won't penetrate the skin & could even cause more iritation. This is a pure,safe & beneficial alternative.

I use the anti-aging body & face. My skin has been awesome since using it for a month now but I noticed the difference in day 2 of using a sample kit. I have rosacea & have been using various prescriptions for like 10 years now. I was going to get a stronger prescription after I finished breastfeeding Owen since I felt like my skin was a disaster but my skin has been better than any prescriptions I've taken in 10 years, any of the hundreds of products I've tried (most recently Dermalogica), and better than any of my every other month facial/microdermabrasion. The Anti-aging body should be use on your belly/boobs/butt for pregnancy & post-stretch marks. It's so important to try to feel good about yourself & with kids so you can project positive energy to them.

I started a local pre-natal community for moms to connect socially in conjunction with learning something fun for our babies (massage & knitting first)! Through this I've been introduced to great things & Arbonne was great for mine & my babies skin.

There are great before and after pics available at While I use the anti aging, the Intelligence Skin Conditioning oil is great for adult eczema.

Arbonne prodcuts can change your skin, the business can change your life!

K. Elkin
Independent Consultant ID#:17467301
[email protected]

PS: If you ever want to learn about what I do, just ask! Start your own Arbonne business today and begin to dream again.

Discover Arbonne with Executive National Vice President Debbie Neal
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answers from New York on

Did you change laundry detergents or soap in that time frame? I would request sllergy testing and/or see a different dermatologist for a third opinion.



answers from Albany on

My son has pitoriasis rosea (sp??) and it looks like that. The paper I got on it said that it most often occurred in people ages 6-30, and that my son was pretty young to get it (only 13 mos). They said that it can last several months. I think it is pretty common, so I would imagine that they would have already considered that, but I thought I would mention the possibility. Unfortunately, if that is what it is, there is no treatment for it. My Dr. said that it is caused from a virus and just has to run its course. We are going on month three here I think and it is starting to look a little bit better, but it is still there. Hope this helps - and hope he finds relief somewhere!



answers from New York on

Although I'm not currently working in my field I am one of the country's top aestheticians. I spent almost a year interning with a dermatologist in the same fashion as if I'd been in medical school for a year. If you'd like to email me pictures I might be able to figure out a solution even if you don't know exactly what it is assuming it's already been verified as benign. If I don't know what it is I can email the pictures to doctors as well as past students that I've had to see if anyone else has an answer. There are some questions that I would also need to know answers to in order to help. Please not that it is not in the scope of my license to diagnose or treat any medical condition. I am only allowed to tell you what would hypothetically be done. Also, since I haven't seen your husband in person I would strongly recommend that you verify that there is no skin cancer. Even if I know something is not dangerous I must state this as a disclaimer.

Now for the questions;

1. When did this condition start?

2. What temperature water does your husband shower in?

3. What type of soap does he use?

4. Have you switched soaps?

5. Does he wear sunblock?

7. What type of work does he do?

8. Is he exposed to any type of chemicals?

9. What type of laundry detergent do you use?

10. Have you switched types?

11. Does anyone that he has physical contact with wear perfume?

12. Do you have pets?

13. Do you have new furniture?

14. Do you have a humidifier in your bedroom?

15. Does the condition change seasonally?

16. What other factors have an impact such as humidity, wind?

17. Have you changed your normal diet?

18. Does he have other allergies?

19. What other types of hobbies/activities does he do? (many times people are exposed to things without realizing it)

20. Does he have any type of digestive problems?

21. What types of over the counter of prescription drugs does he take for both this and other conditions?

I know this seems like a lot of questions but there's a reason for each and every one. If the doctor's you've seen haven't asked you at least this many questions then he needs to find a new doctor. As I said I can't diagnose. If I do figure out what it is I can refer you to a doctor who can either confirm or disagree with my personal opinion.

I hope this helps as I know skin conditions are frustrating especially when they limit your normal activities.




answers from New York on


It sounds like something that recently happened to me that i believe to be an imbalance of Essential Fatty Acids. I had heard that not eating enough of the right kinds of fats, like fish oil, flax oil, etc, can lead to bumpy arms and what you described, but it was not until the birth of my daughter did i realize that there was a connection.

I had been taking my prenatals which had a nice dose of fish oil. When I stopped taking it, within 2 months I had the bumps all over my upper arms and thighs. this continued for a while until i started taking fish oil again, and within 2 months all the bumps cleared up.

It is worth a try!!



answers from New York on

hi. my son is going to be 18 years old and he has basically the same thing. his doctor said it was from sweat and he's also a wrestler. I remembered using oatmeal soap when he was younger for chicken pox and now use it for him to this day when he breaks out. oatmeal soap is a great thing and it calms the redness and then goes away. he can also use an oatmeal lotion too. i hope this helps out for your husband.

M. in Sayreville, NJ



answers from New York on

My hsband had the same thing. Make sure your husband drinks at least 8 glasses of spring water every day. Do not drink
chlorinated water.
You don't specify whether your husband drinks or smokes.
Keep away from cold cuts or fast food with artificial preservatives, nitrates and nitrites especially.
Do a complete detox to get toxins out of his system.
I suggest native remedies as it is all natural and herbal
and it works for my husband.
You can find it at
Good luck. Let me know how you make out.



answers from New York on

My husabnd had the same exact thing occur (and at the same age too). It seemed like none of the prescription creams worked either.....

But the good news is that they eventually all went away and never came back - so this may give u hope....

Our only guess was that it was caused by stress - as he was finishing school and getting his degree at the time....



answers from Syracuse on

it sounds like exczema. try switching laundry detergents to something not so perfume laden, also use that regard in fabric softner and dryer sheets. Another thing to keep in mind is using an oxygen booster (like oxyclean) it helps get the residue out of the clothing fibers. If that fails see a dermotologist to rule out an allergy, be careful with DIY fixes without a doctor's approval. They tend to do much more harm than good.



answers from Albany on

I have them too on my arms. I have had them all my life, don't know what they are, but they don't bother me. Yeah they are unsightly but certainly not hideous. The sun usually makes them go away a little. A nurse once asked if it was psoriosis. Like I know? Sorry I am not much help, but your hubby isn't alone.


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