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Break Out Face

Apr 24, 2009 ... All the dry skin from your face each night stays on your pillow case, so it's to your benefit to have a few extra pillow cases in the ...

Face Rash on 4 Month Old.

My 3 month old has very dry/chapped skin on his face and the Auqaphor seems to work for him. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Dry Skin

Dry skin is no fun. I have dry skin on my face and I use Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion on my face at night. It's very nice and light, smells like ...

Unknown Source of Skin Condition After Giving Birth

It could be dry skin and the cetaphil soap would be the most gentle cleanser to use on your face. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Rash on 1-Year-old's Face

Rash on 1-Year-old's Face. My daughter has had a rash around her nose and mouth ... Many folks have been helped with their dry skin issues by Renew, ...

Skin Problems

I used it for my son for dry skin on his face and butt! ... I don't know what the bumps are but for the dry skin I use Clinique face lotion. ...

Help for Drool Rash & Extreme Dry Skin on My Infant

They have a face cleanser, hydra-stick, and face wipes that worked miracles on my little ones dry and irritated skin (caused by severe reflux). ...

Help for Dry Skin

I have 2 sons with eczema and it's really helped with their dry skin. I even put a little bit on my face in the evenings after I wash it with my regular ...

Red Rash on Baby's Face and Neck

Jul 31, 2009 ... I think that it comes from skin to skin contact while I am feeding her since ... Wash and dry her face and neck after feedings, unless she's ...

Looking for an Excellent Cream or Salve for Very Dry Skin

It works wonders for dry skin, diaper rash, scratches, irritation, etc. ... kiss my face and a few other larger organic corporations. but try weleda first ...
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  • love the weleda calendula cream in 2 answers "I also love the Weleda Calendula Cream. I use it on my dry hands all the time!"
  • extra virgin olive oil in 2 answers "First, I'd probably try a little extra virgin olive oil and see if that gives him ..."
  • virgin coconut oil in 2 answers "I use pure virgin coconut oil on her skin, face included."
  • also had very dry skin in 2 answers "My daughter also had very dry skin at this age, and we started using Aveeno Cream ..."
  • dye and perfume free in 2 answers "I only use dye and perfume free laundry detergent, I limit baths (like you) and I ..."