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Don't Want Another Child, Husband Does

Hi M., I don't want to add to your pain but your husband sounds like a dreadful man .... I wish you a lot of luck and hope better days are ahead for you. ...

My Boss Is Insulting My Husband and I... Do I Ignore It?

But to imply that my mother should be responsible or better yet a friend's husband really irritated me. I told him that I was responsible for my kids and I ...

Work and School Help

You need to get over the fact that you want to stay at home and think about what is better for the whole family and that includes your husband. ...

Need a Better Umbrella Stroller

So much better than the Aria. The Triumph is a little pricey though .... We bought the Chicco Capri Stroller for my husband's truck since we keep the larger ...

Husband Painting Dining Area

My question is this how can I make it look at least a little better? Oh I forgot to mention that ... This sounds exactly like something my husband would do. ...

Need to Vent About My 2 Sick Babies (My Husband and 7 Month Old)

I guess my question for you is this: Is your husband dramatic in everyday life as well? If not, I would suggest really trying to make him feel better when ...

Want to Help Daughter Get Better Study Habits

In fact, while studying for his Master's in Business, my husband learned that people performed better with the incentive of receiving recognition and praise ...

Is It Selfish to Go on Vacation Without the Kids?

You will be better parents with a break. My husband and I did this when our first daughter was young, but not so much with our 2nd. ...

HELP! My Husband Will Not Stop the Critisim to My Daughters Boyfriend.

Oct 2, 2009 ... It is perfectly acceptable for your husband to let the boy know where he stands, but unless he wants to alienate his daughter, he had better ...

Feeling Disconnected with Husband for past Few Months

I believe this is how My husband felt at least. It takes adjustments on both your parts, and he may just feel as though right now he would be better off at ...
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