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Alternatives for Meds for Bad Back During pregnancy...accupuncture or Such?

I am only 12 weeks pregnant but my already existing back problems are getting progressively worse. I have a 25 lb toddler that I also cart around quite a ...

Tailbone, Sacral Pain While Pregnant

Hi A., i have terrible lower back problems, and while I was pregnant, it was a real problem. If I can tell you anything, ice it every day at least 4 to 6 ...

Sleep Problems

I have had the same problem with my 21 month old daughter too once in awhile. What I do now is laying her back down on her tummy and start rubbing her back ...

Back Pain Carrying Twins

I had alot of back problems when I was pregnant. I remember just holding/ supporting my belly helped so much. Also sleeping with the Snoogle was amazing! ...

Do We Have a Sign on Our Back???

My dog was trying to get to him-hard for me to hold back a 115 pound dog!! We have had numerous problems with dogs in our area and folks who are not being ...

Had a Check Returned and I Havent Gotten My Check Back

We had a bunch of problems with the order and were lied to numerous times as to what was going on ... They send it through the system, and it may come back. ...

Adult Tonsil Problems??

So, this is why I suggested going back for a second conversation and taking .... unless there is a bleeding condition in addition to the tonsil problems. ...

How to deal with mucus congestion with newborn?

A., for a 7 week old infant to have these problems and your doctor doesn't ... I would lay her on the floor flat on her back; I would sit on the floor in ...

Very Worried About My Little Ones Eyes Rolling Back

We went back to her Pedi this morning and the eye rolling has gotten worse ... What if she had serious problems as a result? I do highly recommend that you ...

"Back to Sleep"

My 5 month old just started rolling from her back to her belly during the night. ... Maybe, I was wrong and just lucky but I don't see the problem. ...
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