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Advice on Toddlers Face Rash

We have alot of skin problems in our family and I find that the best way to get an accurate diagnosis is to go directly to a dermatologist. ...

Mother Worried About Possible Allergies (Skin Redness That Come and Go)

My sister could not figure out what was wrong with her infant son with stomach and skin problems, it turned out he was allergic to wheat, which he was ...

Baby Rash

My four month old son has all kind of skin problems (baby acne, excema, ... I would definitely see the doctor to rule out a skin problem and/or allergies. ...

Glucosamine and Pee Spots in the House

27 Sep 2009 ... They put a lot of stuff in pet food than can cause allergic reaction in animals, ranging from skin problems, tummy and bladder problems, ...

Problems with Brow Waxing?

I always have that problem if I don't warn them before hand. I don't believe it is a hygenic thing more of a sensitive skin thing. ...

Need Advice to Treat Skin Execma

I have clients that are diabetic that can not use anything to help their dry skin problems, and this is gentle and does work. Let me know if you have any ...

Weird Skin and Feet Problems

Read all 5 responses: "Hello Moms, My son, who is three, has always had issues with his skin. Not dryness, rashes, or anything like that.

Can Disposable Diapers Burn a Baby's Skin?

Sounds like she has sensitive skin and possibly even has developed a yeast problem. I'd use monistat on it and see if that helps and maybe leave the diaper ...

Hyperthyriod Problems - How Do You Live with This?

25 Sep 2009 ... Plus my hair started falling out, I had skin problems and was very tired all the time. My doctor put me on Synthroid also and I will be on ...

Bleach in Baby’s Bath?????

Obviously with their sensitive skin we can not do the bleach thing but regardless - NNNOOO!!!!!! Not only will that create other problems from completely ...
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