How to deal with infant teeth coming in not in the usual order?

Updated on April 14, 2008
K.K. asks from North Billerica, MA
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Hi- My daughter is 8 months old. My husband and I just noticed a tooth breaking through the gums in the top of her mouth. She does not have any other teeth yet. I have read that the order of teeth is usually the botton two and then the upper two. The tooth that is coming in is actually the one next to the top teeth. Should we be concerned that this is not in the normal order? Has anyone else experienced teeth coming in not in the usual order?

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Most parents think there's nothing to concern, since every child is different, as long as the child is taking it well, there's nothing to worry about. Consult your pediatric dentist if you have further concern.

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The order of the teeth is really unimportant. The key word is that "usually" teeth will come in a certain order. One of my daughters (the youngest) did have her teeth come in a different order than what the books suggest. Her teeth are fine.



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It was funny to me. my son was the same way. he had the to 2 laterals first and we called him fang. :) It was so cute. (his bottom two center teeth were next, then the top center.)

but I forgot to take pictures so don't miss out on your little draculas' silly smiles.

enjoy your baby girl



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I wouldn't worry about it. My daughter's teeth came in in a funny order, but she does have them all now and they look great :)



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Hi K.,
Don't worry a bit. I have 6 children, and they didn't all go by the book either. As long as they eventually get all their teeth, the order doesn't really matter much. I had one who had three teeth on the bottom for months before he finally got the matching one that had been "missing." And I've had one who started with top teeth. Some of them didn't have any teeth until they were 10 months. So be at peace! :)



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I wouldnt worry about it either, my two children did get their two bottom teeth first, but then all the others came in randomly. I bet once her first one comes in, all the others, including the bottom two wont be far behind!!! Happy teething time coming your way!!
Best of luck!!



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I wouldn't be too concerned. My nephew got his 2 top eye teeth first, looked like Dracula for a month or so, but he has all his teeth now and they're fine, and he's 12! If it really worried you, ask your doc.

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