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Difficulty Cleaning/Brushing 18 Months Old Teeth

You know how the doctor says when they don't have teeth clean there gums with a wash rag and some warm water to remove the build up of formula, ...

Can You Brush an Infants Teeth?

Hi K., yes you can brush her teeth. There are tooth brushes especially for babies. What I did with my daughter I went and bought tooth anf gum cleaner for ...

Too Soon to Start Brushing Teeth?

Definitely not too early in fact Ive read you should start brushing their gums before teeth even erupt I started my daughter at 6 months she's now 14 months ...

Teeth Brushing Nightmare

I know how important it is to brush your toddlers teeth My daughter used to be fine when she was a baby probably because it felt good on her gums But now ...

How to Get 9 Yo to Brush Teeth Without Reminders

2 Sep 2009 ... I'm trying to figure out a way to get my 9 yo to brush his teeth in the morning without me having to .... teeth gums · brushing her teeth ...

Bluish Purple Spot on Gums

My 14 month old has a blueish purple spot on his gums right where a tooth may be ... My youngest twin girl had this happen when her teeth were coming in. ...

Front Teeth Not Emerging

Read all 8 responses: "My daughter lost her front top teeth 8 months ago. The adult teeth are there - but not emerging. Her upper gums are swollen and ...

Gums Have Been Swollen in My 10 Month Old for over a Month, Probably 2

My daughter is 14 months old and only has 5 teeth. Her gums sometimes swell for about a good 2 weeks to a month before a tooth cuts. When a molar cuts it's ...

Brushing Toddler's Teeth a Nightmare!

My son is 16 months old and doesn't like his top teeth brushed too much either. Reason: His eye teeth/gums are swollen. He has been teething with these for ...

My 19 Month Daughter Is Grinding Her Teeth Really Loudly

She is probably having some itchy gums or just figuring out new ways to move her mouth and .... Next question Any Mom's Know About Teeth Grinding at Night ...
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