How Is American Home Shield for Home Appliance Warranty?

Updated on June 20, 2012
S.C. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Ladies,

I am thinking about getting into a home appliance warranty with American Home Shield (a ServiceMaster company) and wanted to get the advice of those that have used this or similar services for their homes. They cover the repair / replacement (with like not the same appliance) of home appliances depending on the plan you get into with them. How is the service with them? Do they really make it as easy as they initialy make it sound? What is a good price for them (monthly or yearly basis)? Is this service worth it? My appliances were new and bought 5 years ago.

Thanks for the information and let me know if I need to mention any other information.

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So What Happened?

So far am really unsure as to proceeding with AHS. Thanks to all the Moms for the feedback. Did some research on the web which was very concerning.... see site:

Still thinking.

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answers from Dallas on

I have had American Home Shield for about four months now. I have called them out once. The response time was fast and the contractor was professional and arrived on time.

The thing you have to realize with this service is that they will not replace your appliances unless they are completely inoperable. I was unaware of this at the time I purchased the warranty.

My hot water heater (7 years old and in my attic) was making noises and I knew that several of my neighbors have had theirs burst and cause water damage in their home, so I called AHS, who sent a contractor out.

When the contractor arrived, he went into the attic, looked at it, said to call back if it actually starts leaking and charged me the $55 service call.

My thinking was to catch it before it caused damage but they do not operate that way, so I basically wasted $55.

This is my only expoerience with them thus far. I guess it is a good service, if you have aging A/C units, or something else with a sizeable replacement cost.

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answers from Dallas on

Well If I understand your question correctly. That you are looking into purchasing American Home Sheild. Honestly I work in the title buisness and American Home Shield along with several other major home warranty companies I am very familar with. I would say that if you decide to go with a home warranty in my opion American Home Sheid is one of the very best. But on the flip make sure that it is worth it. The warranty has a lot of fine print of what is covered and what is not. Replacing the appliance would be the last step normally they would have a repair tech fix it. I will tell you that getting something and especially a appliance covered is not likely.

If I were you I would not invest in American Home Sheild or and other home warranty programs if I went out an bought a new house today. More or less for appliance coverage.

Regarding prices there prices on are standard. They are a flat fee and there is not a mark up.

Good Luck

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answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,

I have had a Home Warranty plan through American Home Shield on two different houses and they have been great. They are prompt and efficient. They even respected my request that they send a technician who was a "family man" instead of just some "guy" with no attachments and thus no real understanding of the concerns of family life and even the trepidation with having a stranger coming to do work in your home.

Anyway, that has been my experience with the company. I don't know anything about having appliances replaced or cost, but the Home Warranty plan was reasonable.

Hope this helps!!

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answers from Dallas on

We have had AHS for 16 years now. Recently there coverage has really changed. When our furnace went out AHS covered the price of the furnace but not the price of some piping that needed to be done because of changes in the way furnaces are built now. Recently we had to have our gas hot water heater fixed. It cost us 550.00 to bring the hot water heater closet up to building code. I guess it is still a good deal, but not as good as it used to be.

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answers from Dallas on

My husband and I moved into an older home about 7 years ago and we immediately used American Home Shield which has really been a lifesaver. My problems have always been treated VERY PROMPTLY. Many on the same day. I really think that if you are on a tight budget this keeps you sane. They replaced my airconditioner, my dishwasher, my garbage disposal, my hot water heater, my garage door opener, fixed several electrical outlets in my home and repaired my dryer. We have gotten our money's worth. We are moving into a new home in Dec so we will not carry the policy there with new appliances and warranties attached for that first year but after that period, we will continue to use American Home Shield.

Christi Freeman
Rowlett, Texas



answers from Los Angeles on

they are the best company that we have today.



answers from Dallas on

I don't personally have the insurance, but my mother-in-law has had nothing but problems with it. Everytime she calls she has to wait 2-3 days for someone to actually come out and look at the problem. Then the person they send is more like a sales man than a repair man. She is really unhappy with the service and has written several letters about different problems she has had. She has had the service for 3 years but will not be renewing her insurance this year.

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