Help! I Have Crayon on All My Laundry

Updated on June 29, 2008
T.B. asks from Brunswick, GA
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I need some help ASAP!! I just opened the dryer and there was a crayon in a pocket I guess. There is crayon, blue,all over the half dried clothes. What do I do??

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So What Happened?

Nothing worked so most of the clothes are for play now

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answers from Ocala on

Hi T.. Try this, take a clean paper towel and a hair dryer. Warm the crayon with the paper towel over top of it. The crayon should rub off when it gets warm enough. If there are chunks of crayon scape it off with an old credit card or something stiff like that. This trick also works on walls too! Good luck sweetie.

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answers from Daytona Beach on

Crayola has advise on their website as to how to get crayon out. It happened to me a few weeks ago and I followed their instructions. The crayon came out of most, but I did have to toss one thing away. Good Luck!



answers from Daytona Beach on

I use the wal-mart in DeLand, fl. They carry De-Solv-it. Nothing in this world works like this stuff. My 2 year old wrote all over my walls with crayon and with this stuff it wiped right off. I've used in on tons of sticky messes and they have wipped off like you wouldn't believe. I'm using the stuff all the time.



answers from Jacksonville on

I just recently had the same thing happen to me, I took all the laundry & out it back in the washer on cold & most of the crayon did come off. A couple of items I had to wash a few times. Mine was a red crayon.



answers from Jacksonville on

I was interested and looked it up while waiting for the library to close. Here's the link I found that had some ideas for you to try.
I search in Google by "getting crayon out of clothing"
Good luck.



answers from Tallahassee on

My sister swears by spraying Simple Green on the clothes and letting them soak for a bit and then wetting and rubbing a bar of Fels Naptha soap on the stain and wash like normal. She says its gets anything out. Even red clay from white baseball pants. I'm not sure if getting crayon out is different or not but it might be worth a try.



answers from Orlando on

Are they the washable crayons? If so, they should come out by just washing them again..
I would presoak, then wash in warm water (should get the wax out better thm cold)



answers from Orlando on

I copied these 2 from the internet. Good luck.

Crayon Stains

If crayon stains have become set by the heat of the dryer, some may be impossible to remove. Also, if crayon marks are on the dryer drum, dry a load of rags at the highest heat setting to remove any crayon residue.

For a few spots of crayon on clothing, scrape off as much crayon as possible with a dull knife. Sponge the spots with a dry cleaning solvent such as K2R, Energine or Carbona. Then lubricate the stain with mineral oil. Next flush with dry cleaning solvent. The solvent and mineral oil steps may be repeated as long as the stain is being removed.

It may be necessary to work a solution of 1/2 teaspoon mild dish detergent, a few drops of household ammonia and 1/2 cup water into the stain. Then flush with water. If color from the crayon remains, sponge with rubbing alcohol.

For a washer load of clothing with crayon stain, rewash the load in hot water with 1 cup of Lestoil, Top Job or Mr Clean. Be sure to re-wash with laundry detergent and rinse well. If the fabric can not tolerate hot water, or if this treatment does not work, take the clothes to a Do-It-Yourself dry cleaners, or have the clothes dry cleaned professionally.

Before any stain removal process is started, you must remember that every stain removal method is not suitable for every fabric. Be sure to test each stain removal product in an inconspicuous spot such as a seam allowance.

Removing Crayon Stains
The best way to remove a crayon stain is with W2-40 (also effective at removing crayon from walls). Spray WD-40 on both sides of the crayon stain. Let the solution sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
Rub dishwashing liquid into the stained area with a clean cloth, changing sections of the cloth as the crayon stain begins to bleed away. Repeat until the crayon is removed.

Apply a stain remover stick, gel, or spray to the crayon stain. Let sit for 3-5 minutes.

Wash in the hottest water that the fabric can safely tolerate



answers from Panama City on

crayons are wax and dye. Wax you can get out by transferring it with an iron or freeze it an chip it off Dye I have no clue. Treplacement time. They will never look normal great play clothes

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