Heavy Period in My 11 Year Old

Updated on July 20, 2009
J.R. asks from Shelton, CT
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My 11 year old daughter began her period about 6 months ago. It usually comes every 5 - 6 weeks and is not usually too heavy. She got her period last week, it was "clumpy" as she put it, but no big deal. She went to sleep away camp on Sunday and her period was gone, but now it is back again. The camp called me yesterday to say it was extremely heavy, and at some points she was even soaking though a pad an hour (not every hour, just sometimes). They asked that I call the pediatrician to mention it to them, which I did. The peditrician just asked they I keep in contact with them and monitor it, also saying that she be sure to stay hydrated and eat right. The camp is calling me with updates, as of this morning it was still very heavy. I will follow up with the doctor as needed, but I hate to take her out of camp a week early for her period. The camp says she is still active and all, just has a belly ache sometimes.
My question is, has anyone experienced this with their pre-teen and if so, how did it all turn out?

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It takes a long time for young girls to become "regular". My sister went through this up-and-down kind of cycle and my mom was really worried b/c I didn't (oldest). The doctor assured her that she would eventually even-out and she did.

As long as she's not exeriencing any abnormal symptoms I wouldn't pull her out of camp. Aside from swimming, she should continue to enjoy her time away. Can they give her anything for the cramps? If so, sign consent for that one and let her have fun this last week!



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I used to get it heavy some days when I was young too. I found drinking a lot and swimming really helped keep it at bay. By drinking a lot, it seemed that when I went to the bathroom a lot would come out so the flow would slow down.. also swimming - kind of cleans you out... good luck... tell her to take a motrin for cramps.. she sounds like a great kid.. good luck



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I was like this when I was 12. My first few periods were nothing to speak of, and then I have a few in a row like your daughter is experiencing. I can remember spending the day at the beach with my family (in shorts and under the umbrella--boo!) and going through a half dozen pads that afternoon.

I completely agree with Krista (below). If you can sign off and they can give her some ibuprofen for the cramps, I would definitely leave her in.


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Hi J.,

I do not have a pre-teen girl, but as I am 25 years old, I vividly remember my periods at that age. I started when I was 11 as well, and until I got married and started on birth control, my periods were always very heavy, frequently clumpy, and lasted 7-8 days. I did NOT have debilitating cramps like some girls, but they were very painful and I did take a lot of Midol. As far as your daughter's activity level, I also remember that I never could (and still can't) use tampons, so I could not do activities like swimming that time of the month. I woke up a lot at night with a blood-soaked bed and learned to double up with thick pads and sometimes sleep on something as well. If she is in a lot of pain or is worried, try to get her checked out sooner in case she has some other complications. I never had other problems but I know many women who do and it started with the really bad periods. Good luck and I hope she has fun with the rest of camp!



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she may have had a uterine cyst...i'd try to find a kid gyno.



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my daughter is 17 now, she started when she was 9..samething happened to her very heavy bleeding and clotting . took her to dr. dr. said take her to gyn, gyn said it was very normal for girls that age to bleed that heavy, she asked if i wanted to put her on birth control to lighten it, but of cousre i said no. this lasted about 3-4 months then it was normal. just some ibuprofen and she will be fine

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