Has Anyone Used Baby Trend Infant Car Seats?

Updated on January 23, 2008
E.B. asks from Wilmington, DE
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Hello Ladies-

I am due with my first this summer (biological first, I already have a fabulous five year old stepdaughter). I am starting to evaluate some of the different “baby equipment” options in anticipation of getting my registry together in a few weeks after we find out the sex of the baby. The car seat that is top on my list after seeing it in the store is the Baby Trend brand car seat (specifically the “Trend Flex Lock” one, but I’m interested in other Baby Trend ones too).

Despite being a Consumer’s Reports pick, it has received very mixed reviews from parents everywhere I look online. I am wondering if anyone has experience with the Baby Trend brand car seat and/or travel system (I only intend to get the car seat, but the same seat comes with the travel system). My favorite things about it are the handle and how soft the fabric feels. Can anyone who has used a Baby Trend infant car seat give me some feedback? Thank you!!


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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have the baby trend flex lock with the travel system and although it is heavier than a graco carseat and the ease of use of the handle (moving it up and down) isn't as easy as a graco, it got excellent reviews last summer when all of those car seats were being recalled for safety issues. i'm pregnant with #2 and will continue to use that same carseat.
good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I had bought the baby trend jogging stroller with the car seat and I have no complaints. The car seat worked great in my car. I have a Pontiac Grand am and it was not at all bulky or hard to install. The handle is so much easier to carrier than the car seat that I had with my 5 year old. I would recommend Baby Trend since I have used it for 11 months now with no fussy problems with my daughter. She has always seemed comfortable in it and she would be in it for hours at a time when we were out and around. Good luck.



answers from Philadelphia on

I haven't used Baby Trend, but I can tell you that I have Britax Marathon car seat and I love it!! It's very roomy, comfortable, soft fabric and it is so easy to work. I know they normally have gotten good reviews and alot of my friends have them and love them too. If you're not completely set on the Baby Trend, you should look into Britax. Hope this helps a little.



answers from Reading on

I had a Baby Trend Travel system with my 4 year old daughter and I loved it. I would have bought one when I was pregnant with my son but the colors were too light. I wanted a darker color only beucase my 1st one was light and showed any little dirt . ( my only complaint)



answers from Philadelphia on

Remember that with an infant you will want the ease of getting the baby in and out of the car without having to unstrap him/her (and waking them up), so you will definitely want a seat with a handle that just snaps in and out of the base (along with snapping into the stroller if you like). One big consideration for buying ours was how long our child would fit in it. All infant seats only go up to a certain weight then you have to purchase a bigger one (which does not come out of the car). We got a Graco system which said he could fit in it up to 30lbs and was just fine but our son is 9 months and already 23 pounds and we ended up with a bigger seat months ago because he couldn't fit in the seat with a jacket on comfortably. We did a lot of research and got the Britax Boulevard seat (great safety ratings) and it should fit him up to 65lbs. Britax also has another model that works up to 80lbs. Britax seats are very expensive but you can't put a price on the safety of our children, right?

On a related topic, the big thing now is making sure your older child is in a 5-point harness system up through 80lbs! Car safety belts have been proven to occasionally malfunction with just plain booster seats used with seat belts and have caused many deaths from ejections and in roll overs. There are sites all over the internet with tributes to lost little ones from this.

So much to think about, you are smart doing it ahead of time! I wish you lots of luck.



answers from Allentown on

We choose the flex loc Baby Trend car seat for my daughter. I like the handle, the fabric is soft and can be carried in different positions. It's alot easier than than some others and has gotten great reviews. I plan to buy the sit and stand stroller by baby trend to complete the travel system because I have an older toddler. But I do love the car seat right now.



answers from Lancaster on

I have the baby trend travel system (I think it is called Malawi . It is blue, green, and white). Anyway, I wish I would not have gotten it. The strollerr is a pain when you want to adjust the back b/c it is like a belt buckle that you have to adjust. It doesn't just have a button or something easier. Also, my daughter can't sit up in it as well as she would like. The back just doesn't go up as far as others I've seen. When we use the stroller I feel like it is going to fall apart on me b/c it squeaks really bad. The reason we picked it out is b/c it turned so much easier than all the others. Also, it seems to be more for older kids b/c my 16 month old daughter who is tall for her age, can barely see over the tray. As far as the infant car seat it came with...I had no problems. It was really light and I loved the handle. Just don't like the stroller. Hope this helps.



answers from Providence on

We loved our Baby Trend infant seat. I used it with a Snap & Go stroller which was awesome too. Installation was a breeze with the latch system. The biggest plus for us (besides the excellent review CR gave it) was that you don't have to rethread the shoulder straps to change their position. There was a knob in the back that allowed for that adjustment. Best wished to you and your family!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hello, we too looked at Consumer Reports and decided to buy the Baby Trend infant seat. Well the first one had a handle that must have been defective as it was not able to go over to the back position as there was not enough clearance between the handle and the top of the seat so we could not place the seat on the ground without rocking. We returned it thinking it was defective. Then we brought the second one home, installed it in the car and noticed that rear facing pushing the release button was impossible as it was wedged against the seat as it is located at the bottom near the baby's feet. It was also having a problem with the handle getting stuck too, the handle release button would not engage...so we gave up brought it back and got a Graco Devon infant car seat. I love it it is easy to get in and out of the car and is lighter than most other models.



answers from Philadelphia on

I am a mother of three under 3 so I have tons of carseat experience.

I know fabric is important but babies spit up so you want to make sure the fabric is also good for wiping and will hold up in the laundry. The other thing to look at is ease of use and safety profiles. Who needs a carseat if it fails to protect your child? The other thing about the carseat is that JJ Cole makes blankets (both lite of spring fall and a heavier winter one) which attach to the carseat and are really a Godsend and if you use them you won't even see the pattern of the carseat.
Finally look at the length and weight maximums on the seat. Some only go to 20 pounds others go to 30 some stop at 23 in others go much bigger. This is a consideration because your child may grow out of it before you want them too. If they are too big for the seat and cannot sit up yet (in a shopping cart) it becomes difficult to get out. And sometimes if you get the really big one they become too heavy and awkward and you don't use them anyway.

Hope this helps


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