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Stroller the Baby Trend Expedition LX Any Good?

We recently purchased this Baby Trend brand 3-wheeled jogging stroller. Of course after I bought it, I read bad reviews of it on Babies R Us (mostly due to a wiggly front tire problem). Has anyone had a bad experience with this stroller? Or does anyone have any recommendations for inexpensive jogging strollers. We can't afford to spend too much on one. All this baby gear is really adding up! Thanks so much for any input!

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Has Anyone Used Baby Trend Infant Car Seats?

Hello Ladies- I am due with my first this summer (biological first, I already have a fabulous five year old stepdaughter). I am starting to evaluate some of the different “baby equipment” options in anticipation of getting my registry together in a few weeks after we find out the sex of the baby. The car seat that is top on my list after seeing it in the store is the Baby Trend brand car seat (specifically the “Trend Flex Lock” one, but I’m interested in other Baby Trend ones too). Despite being a Consumer’s Reports...

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Breast Pumps & Other 'Must Have' Baby Gift Registry Items

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant & beginning my baby registry. I have 2 questions: What breast pump would you recommend for a planning on breast feeding mother? What 'must haves' would you say that you would have or did register for, for the baby shower?


Baby Shower Etiquette

I have a 3 yr old son and am pregnant with a girl, and my mom wants to throw...