Greasy Hair - Pregnancy Symptom?

Updated on September 10, 2010
B.B. asks from New Haven, CT
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Has anyone ever had greasy hair as a result of pregnancy? For the past few weeks I've noticed that my hair just doesn't look clean after I wash is greasy. I thought maybe it was my shampoo/conditioner, so I switched back to the kind I used to always use. But my hair is still greasy. I thought maybe I am not rinsing out the conditioner enough, I swear I stood there for about 5 mins rinsing it out.

I never had this problem with my other two pregnancies. Just wondering if anyone else did, or if something really strange is going on with my hair!

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answers from Chicago on

Congrats on being pregnant.My daughter has greasy hair too. I finally found a two shampoo combination that works. Brand names Garnier Anti-Dandruff Intense cleanse(Grey bottle lime green cap) and Nutrius For daily balance (Grey bottle red cap ) . Good Luck!

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answers from New York on

After you dry your hair, use some dry shampoo. Pssst makes one and so does Big Sexy Hair. You spray it in, wait 2 minutes and brush out. It works wonders to remove oil from hair. It also adds volume.

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answers from Chicago on

It's possible, all sorts of crazy stuff happens to our bodies when our hormones get all wonky from pregnancy. Many women get bad acne, so it's not a stretch to think oily scalp might be related to pregnancy. Try using conditioner only 2 or 3 times a week instead of everyday, and use a clarifying shampoo. You can also get a dry shampoo to use later in the day if you feel like your hair has gotten very greasy. Sometimes washing your hair too much will cause excess oil production too, so you might consider washing with shampoo every other day, and just rinsing in between. Also, you could consult a trusted hair stylist, they may have some suggestions. Do you have long hair? Maybe consider a shorter style?



answers from Phoenix on

My hair gets super greasy during pregnancy, so much so I have to use a really expensive shampoo if I don't want to look like a scumball by the end of the day. Look for a clarifying shampoo and use as little conditioner as possible, avoiding the roots. Good luck!



answers from Albany on is very common. It will stop a few weeks after you have your baby. You can try rubbing baby powder on your roots to absorb the extra oil, or KMS makes a product call Make-over spray, it has the same effect.
I have also heard of people washing their hair with Dawn dishsoap...



answers from New York on

I experienced the same thing when I was pregnant with my son but not my daughter. If I can remember it lasted for a couple of months. It seemed as though I had a ton of product in my hair and it looked and felt greasy. I would try and wash it a couple of times in the shower but it didn't matter. I never found anything that helped. Good luck with the remainder or your pregnancy!



answers from Washington DC on

Try repeating the shampoo and skipping the conditioner or only putting the conditioner on the ends and not on the scalp (which we all should do anyways).

This is pretty common though. Our skin usually produces more oil when we are pregnant. It's where the "glow" of pregnancy comes from.



answers from New York on

I had this problem after my son was born. I would wash my hair and blow dry it and it felt sticky, like i had put a ton of product or wax in it. I tried head and sholders, anti-residue shampoos and nothing helped. I read a solution online. Take 1 tbs of baking soda and mix it with a gentle shampoo like johnson and johnson baby shampoo and make a paste. Apply to dry hair and work in the roots, especially your problem areas. Rinse and skip the conditioner. It worked like a charm. My problem did return a couple of times but this treatment got rid of it every time. Good luck, with your hair and your pregnancy!!



answers from New York on

I agree with everyone who says to try
A dry shampoo. It works great but since
You are prego plz do not use the Tresemme
Line because it has a VERY strong scent & I don't't think it's good for you to breath. I can't stand the smell & I'm not preggo. Sorry if this message
Looks weird but I'm typing from my BB! HTH!

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