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Just Moved to West Linn - What Is There to Do?

Hi Mamas- My family and I just moved to West Linn from SW PDX, and I'm wondering what sort of activities there are for our little family. What are the best parks? What are your favorite restaurants? Are there any events that are must do's? I'm interested in the surrounding areas too - Oregon City, Clackamas, etc. Any advice and suggestions are appreciated!


Super Bowl Food

I just got a call from my aunt inviting me to her super bowl party. Once I...


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Good Birthday Cakes?

My son will be turning 4 soon and I'm looking into good birthday cakes. He...


B- Day Cakes

Hi Moms, I am looking for a bakery that makes cakes of dinosaurs or...


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Homecoming Dance ?

Our daughter, a freshman, is going to her 1st high school dance this weekend with a date and a group of other couples. I mentioned to her that she needs to order a boutineer; she said she didnt think girls get them for thier dates for dances other than prom; I told her I think it is still done and suggested we order one. She and I are new to all of this in the 21st century, but she wants to do what is common. Any help is appreciated, we only have a few days to order one.