Gift for 5 Year Old in Hospital

Updated on July 10, 2007
S.M. asks from Allen, TX
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I'm looking for a nice gift for a precious little 5 year old girl who is recovering from heart surgery in the hospital. She is definitely a "girly-girl."


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My son has had several hospital stays as has a friend of mine's daughter. Here are a few ideas:

Things that make her feel pretty: An easy on and off night gown (hospital gowns are awful). Lip gloss/chap stick, lotion, pretty hair clips.

For my son we pretended we were on a camp out. We had a flashlight, made a tent with blankets, and I brought him some "camping supplies". We told scary stories (not really scary, he was only four).

Basically, they can't do much, but also get bored very quick. Another idea is a good movie she hasn't seen.

That's very sweet of you to go visit. Also, see if the parents need anything. It seemed like I never ate when my son was in the hospital. If he couldn't eat, I wouldn't eat around him, but also didn't want to leave his side.

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I always put together a little basket full of stuff like stickers and sticker books, maybe a very small puzzle, cards (like Old Maid, etc.), age appropriate books, dvd's (most places have dvd players now, but you should check), and like one post said lotion, lip gloss, etc. They have adorable little purses at Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars that you could put everything in if you don't want to do a basket. And they also have children's plastic jewelry that is very inexpensive.

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Is she reading yet? Books would be great, especially if she has a favorite subject. If you have a Costco membership, they always have really good collections of books and activity kits for little ones at awesome prices. If she isn't a reader, there's always coloring books and art supplies. She's probably like glitter pens and sparkly stickers and such.

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My sister makes these super cute I Spy Bags. They are fun, self-contained interactive toys that are great for keeping busy, which when sitting in the hospital bed, can help a lot.

Since she is a girly girl, the bag can be made into a pretty theme just for her, with a pretty fabric. Here is the link to what it is exactly. They come in 2 sizes, large and mini, so I included a link for each.

Hope she has a speedy recovery and that she is doing well.

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