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Support Groups for Parents of Children Going Through Open Heart Surgey

My husband is an adult cardiac surgeon and works closely with the surgeons at Omaha Children's Hospital. He has nothing but good things to say about them. ...

Pediatric Gastroenterologist

The direction I was pointed in was Children's Hospital. ... I am a pediatrician at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, we have excellent GI docs here at CHLA. ...

Advice for Hospital

My family has had great success at Childrens Hospital. .... I used to work at Children's Hospital Boston and I can say they have the very best cardiac care ...

Nephew Has a Large Congenital Nevus on His Face and Head

My daughter has two strawberry hemangiomas on her torso. They are being treated by Dr. Lisa Buckmiller at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. ...

Need Recommendation for Hospital near Hatfield, PA

Grand View does not have a NICU, but they are affilliated with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and have CHOP pediatricians on staff 24 hours/day and ...

Bone Marrow Transplant

If your daughter is going to be treated at Seattle Children's Hospital let me know I would be happy to share some tips on how to get to know the hospital ...

Choosing a Hospital

I plan to deliver my first baby in August in at Salem Hospital. I have 2 friends that have each had 2 children there and had great experiences. ...

Seeking Pediatric Dentist Who Specializes in Treating Special Needs Children

I know that Children's Hospital in DC has a dental department/clinic. They might be your best bet. If they can't treat him, I know that they can atleast ...

An ENT Specialist from Chindren's Hospital

Can any one reccomend the best Pediatric ENT specialist in Children's hospital. I need a second opinion for my daughter's tonsillectomy. ...

Seeking Opinion on Delivery at University Community Hospital

I delivered both of my children at UCH. Had a wonderful experience with both! Was taken very good care of in both the delivery room & hospital room. ...
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