General Question About My 4 Year Old Son

Updated on November 11, 2006
R.C. asks from Nutley, NJ
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My son is 4 and he is afraid of everything, he will not even get his hair cut. Is this normal, will he get over it. My other question is is that he will not even go #2 yet on the potty, he wears underwear since he is 3 and the only time he wants me to put a pull-up on is when he has to go. He says he is afraid to go onthe potty but he starts Kindergarten next year and I am starting to stress about it. Is there anything I can do to make it more comfortable for him or fun?

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answers from Boston on

my daughter wont do anything on the potty... is petrified of Halloween , loves The Wizard of Oz but wont watch it without me bc she is afraid of the witch, wont watch Annie (which she also loves ) bc of the "bad mom and dad" is afraid of monsters, sometimes rain, etc dont worry hell be okay :)

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answers from Boston on

Dont stress.. kids feel like their poop is a part of them and they don't want to lose a part to the potty.. they do get scared to do it.. just gently remind him that it's ok, and bribery works too! Promise to do something special if he goes on the potty. It may just take time, but they all eventually do it.. he won't be going to college wearing a pull up! Keep him hydrated too so it doesn't hurt when he poops. Try books and games that are played only while sitting on the potty to keep him there longer

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answers from New York on

My son is also 4. The way I got him to go #2 on the potty was with a chart and stickers. Everytime he went on the potty, he got a sticker. When he got five stickers, he got a prize (matchbox car). He got really into it and now he's into matchbox cars! Also, the book idea works too. He often wanted to read a book while he sat. Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

awww... your little guy will be okay! believe it or not lots of kids are afraid to go poop on the potty. I'm not really sure how to get him to go though. when he goes poop in his pull-up does he go in the bathroom or does he hide? If he hides try having him do his business in his pull up but in the bathroom. Also, you could try having him sit and read him a story while he goes... it might work who knows??? hope it goes well


ps. my four year old is afraid of the dark, men without beards,sesame street characters, squirrels and the song "the girl from ipanema"

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answers from Providence on

Is it just #2? Will he urinate in the bowl? Did he have a bad experience, ie: almost falling in? The next time YOU go potty have him sit on his potty near you. First thing in the AM sit him on his potty. Get to know when he usually goes and have him sit on the potty around those times. I wouldn't put the pullups on him, get rid of them! Does his dad help with this situation? Be sure to make a BIG deal anytime he attempts to sit on the potty. Clapping hands and all. Good Luck Oh and about being scared of everything, what type of movies, videos, books, etc is he exposed to? My 6 year old niece is afraid of everything too, but she is allowed to watch movies like Freddy Cruger.....very bad idea!

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answers from Buffalo on

My son was pretty much the same way. We started giving him haircuts at home while he watches a movie-we bring my laptop in the kitchen and he sits perfectly still now-he was mainly afraid of the noise the clippers made. He finally went to the barber for the first time with no problems.
Kids can be afraid to go #2 on the potty because they are afraid to let part of themselves go. Just start telling him that poop belongs in the potty, and when he goes in the pullup, (and here is the yuck), you take it to the bathroom with him and shake it into the toilet. Have him flush it away while you both stand there and wave "bye-bye poopy!" We also bribed him-the first time he went poopy in the potty, he got to go to the toy store and pick something out. This worked very well for us. Now, he is very proud of his poop, and tries to show everyone!



answers from Springfield on

My kids were like that too. I didn't push and it went away on its own. I just kept trying but didn't get upset when he wouldn't go. I would keep reminding him that everyone uses the potty and he won't be able to go to school until he does too. They all went to kindergarten on time. :)

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