Foot Pain When Exercising

Updated on August 26, 2010
M.M. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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Hi there,
i have foot pain every time i work out. i broke my left foot about 12 years ago. the pain is the front half of my foot (both feet)
after about 10 minutes of elliptical, running, treadmill walking (fast), anything cardio. it feels like my feet have fallen asleep and are all tingly and needling. i move my toes around as i'm exercising and it doesn't help.
i was told once i needed new shoes, but i tried that 3 different times with different brands of cross trainers, running shoes, etc.
nothing seems to help.
i can't figure it out. i still work out and the feeling and pain goes away within 5 minutes of finishing my work out. but, it
tends to worry me. i only have these 2 feet for my life and don't want to damage them... nerves, muscular, etc.
i am overweight, but i had the same problem when i was thin so i know it's not that.
any suggestions or help would be appreciated! thank you in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the responses! i used to have high arches, they fell about 16 years ago. i went from a 5 1/2 to a size 6 shoe.
I had my daughter at 36, and then i went from a size 6 to a 6 1/2 after that. so i know my size is correct. i don't have wide feet, they aren't narrow either, they're pretty normal. i do have hypothyroidism and am on daily medication for it. My levels have been in normal range for the last several years, i have them checked about 3 times a year.
i will look in to the magnetic soles, that sounds like a great idea and if that doesn't help, i will go to a podiatrist.
thank you again for your insight!

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answers from Austin on

It could be plantar faschitiis. There are simpple stretches that can fix it in 5 months. I let mine go on for years before getting it under control and it just got worse. Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

This might sound stupid, but is it possible you're tying your shoes too tight?

I have no other suggestions. If you can't figure it out, I agree with the other moms, go to a podiatrist.

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answers from Houston on

Are you sure you're wearing the right size shoes? I know it sounds silly but I used to have the same problem and my mom suggested buying bigger shoes. I went up a 1/2 size and haven't had the problem since.

I was a size 8 1/2 since high school and just didn't think my feet would grow anymore so never considered a different size when buying shoes. I guess after 3 kids my feet are now a size 9.

Good luck,

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answers from San Antonio on

Not plantar fascitis, as someone guessed---that is in the heel and the arch. Metatarsalgia is what I think you have. It's cramping of the nerves in the front of the foot---that's why you have that tingling feeling.
Try loosening the laces, or try a wider shoe. If your foot is broad across the toes, you need a wider "toe box." That's the area from the arch of the foot forward.
Some people have narrowness across the toes, others are wide. Go to a GOOD shoe store (not a self serve or discount store) and talk to someone who knows feet and fitness.

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answers from Austin on

Hi M.,

I have the same problem. I broke my left foot about fourteen years ago, and experience exactly the type of pain you described. What finally helped me were magnetic insoles in my shoes. My sister had surgery to repair her torn achilles tendon, several months ago, and tried Nikken's magnetic insoles, too, since they had helped me so much. They relieved her pain as well. I've seen thermographic video of the internal body temperature of feet going up as circulation was improved by these insoles. It's amazing.

I was so impressed by the quality and results of Nikken's products that I decided to sell them. If you'd like to learn about them, please visit my website at From the home page, you can click on the resources tab to watch videos that explain how our products work. You can also purchase directly from the webpage using the shop now option.

Hope this helps,

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answers from Austin on

You might check out the InStep Store in Austin. They did an excellent job getting me into the correct shoes and inserts. Changed my life! :)

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd definitely recommend seeing a podiatrist. I was 27 when my husband (boyfriend then) and I took a trip to Vegas. It was hot, low humidity, and we walked.....A LOT. I started having pain in both feet.

I went to the doctor, had X-rays and learned I have arthritis in both feet. I was referred to a good podiatrist, and I use custom orthotics in all my shoes. If I wear something like flip flops, I feel it really badly.

The orthotics do the trick for me, and I don't need to take anything for the pain.

It could also be something like plantar fasciitis which is the inflammation of a tendon in your feet. Regardless, you won't be able to correct the problem until you've correctly identified what it is.

Good luck - my advice is a podiatrist.

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answers from San Antonio on

There are stretches you should do for your feet before and after your workout. You stand about 2 feet away from a wall facing it. Spread your feet about shoulder width apart and point your toes inward. Then put your hands on the wall and lean in. You will feel a stretch in your achilles area. These muscles control most of the foot. By stretching them you will loosen the rest of your foot. Hope this helps. Also, Saucony is a brand recommended by Podiatrists.

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answers from Norfolk on

Bike riding, swimming, etc are ways of getting activity that put less pressure on the feet. A podiatrist should be able to tell you what is going on with your feet. It sounds like a circulation problem. I'm hypothyroid and when I'm under adjusted with my medication, the circulation to my hands and feet doesn't work too well. It might be worth it to have your thyroid levels tested.



answers from College Station on

My feet do this same thing and I find my shoes are too tight. I loosen the laces and it is usually fine. I feel the numbness across the arch. I also wear an orthotic for arch support and lift in my left shoe. You could try some arch supports and see if that helps.

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