Exercise Video or Plan for Mom & Daughter

Updated on January 15, 2010
J.B. asks from Miles City, MT
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I am looking for an exercise video/plan that would be suitable for my 4 yr old daughter and me to do together. I just had baby # 2 and would like to lose the extra baby weight and my daughter is a little on the pudgy side and I would like to start her out staying fit know so that maybe she won't struggle her whole life like I have. Does anyone have any ideas?

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I'm looking right now too! anyway here is the one I am leaning towards right now
I started realizing that if I kept up with my almost 4 year old I wouldn't have any extra weight! she never stops! lol. she is in dance but I thought it would be fun to do something together with she and I so looking around I found this, I like the clip it looks like it will teach about animals and their habitats while getting us moving, kind of silly and fun but I think that will be healthy for me because I get too intense and hard on myself about working out, and I think healthy for her not just to be moving but also to teach her from the time she is little that exercise can be a lot of fun.

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answers from Boise on

GET OUTSIDE! That's my advice. Don't waste your time/money on exercise videos and certainly don't start your 4 yr old out watching those things. She'll either get bored and hate exercise or get obsessed and develop an eating disorder later in life to look like the women she will see in the videos. The best thing for you and both of your daughters is to get outside and get active. Put the baby in a stroller and go for a long walk. Your 4 yr old can ride a bike or scooter while you try and keep up, or you can make it an adventure. Bring along a bag and a scavenger hunt list and see what you can find. Get creative, make it fun, but don't stay in the house. I didn't look to see where you are, but if it snows, even better, get your kids a cheap light snow sled (you can find them everywhere now)that is made of foam and attach a rope to it and pull them(little one will have to stay home for this one until she is bigger)around your neighborhood. You will definitely get tons of exercise this way because your daughter will not want you to stop. Just make sure you get some hills worked into your walks every season. One last thing, if your daughter is just a little pudgy and not at risk for being obese, she is probably a normal 4 yr old and may grow out of it. Don't obsess over her weight, just start adding healthy choices for snacks and meals and add a lot of outside fun. Remember, being a Stay @ Home Mom does not mean you must stay at home all day. Get out of the house with your kids!



answers from Salt Lake City on

For you, go to the library. I've seen some mommy & me fitness videos for new moms that include baby in the workout (in safe, gentle ways). Let your daughter see you and invite her to join along (she can use a baby doll).

But for you daughter, the best thing is play. Gross motor-skills play, meaning running, jumping, climbing, throwing & catching, swinging, etc. Most of that she's not going to get from workout videos. There are some fun & cute ones for kids (again, check at the library first), but she's going to have a lot more fun, and have a much better body image (which will also help her stay fit as she grows up) in the long run.
Also take a look at what she eats. When my son was starting to look a bit too round, the pediatrician said no more than 1 fast food meal a week, and limit chips, soda, cookies, and other sweets. It's all the little things that add up (limit juice to 1 cup a day, and she only need 3 servings of diary, so 16-24 oz of milk a day. Those are big culprits we overlook) We no longer have chips in the house and only occaisionally soda and cookies etc. Instead, the kids snack on apples or other fruit, and carrots and other fresh veggies (with dressing most of the time). They are healthy and know that nutritious food is also yummy!



answers from Denver on

I don't know what your neighborhood is like but we have a cul-de-sac across the street and I sometimes let my 4 year old ride his bike or scooter around while I put my infant in her stroller and do laps around and around. I also have a double stroller and sometimes we go for a walk, (2+ miles) and stop at a park for 15 min. to play.



answers from Provo on

I don't know have any exercise video suggestion, but you could just make up your own aerobic routine to some of your favorite music. Dancing is great exercise and lots of fun.


answers from Great Falls on

I just bought a children's yoga video from Target. My kids have really gotten into it. I do The Biggest Loser videos, one of which is yoga and my kids really caught on quickly and enjoy doing it with me. Now they also like to do the kids one too. Not necessarily geared for adults but your daughter will enjoy it and you can do yours when she is in bed. I also agree to get outside for walks, bike rides, hikes, etc. I took my 3 and 1 1/2 year old hiking and they loved it. We found a nice "walking stick" and painted it before we went to get them more excited about it and it really helped. They wanted to walk more than ride in the stroller because they had a really cool walking stick. HTH!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hello! I do Turbo Jam and I love it! It really helped me get back in shape after my son was born. It isn't really a little kids workout but your daughter might have fun dancing to the music and trying to copy the moves. You have he option of pumping the music up also! I started doing it in April and I am addicted to it!



answers from Colorado Springs on

The best way to get her trimmed down a bit, or keep her healthy (that's the better term, you don't want an anorexic teenager because she was pudgy when she was little!), is to get her outside! Go to the park, run up & down the steps, do the unthinkable (when nobody else is there) & race UP the slides... take walks-put the baby in the stroller & the big girl on her bike. If you get her interested in activity instead of exercise, she will develop those habits herself as she gets older. Soccer usually starts around 4 as well-my 5 year old son is loving it! Nothing but running & sweating, w/some ball contact thrown in for fun at this age, but it's activity & a new experience-and it's great fun to watch too!
My stepson moved in w/us 8 mos ago. He was a video game junkie at his mom's house & they ate fast food at least once a week-he was used to getting triple cheeseburgers, double whoppers, huge Taco Bell meals w/the biggie sized drinks... now he's 20 lbs lighter than he was when he moved in. He found friends who like to skateboard & we don't let him play video games (any of our boys) except on the occasional weekend & then it's got a time limit. Just him being outside & eating healthier (bagel chips instead of potato, fruit instead of candy, etc) dropped the weight.
Good luck & good for you for wanting her to develop healthy life habits before she'd old enough to form bad ones!



answers from New York on

We recently released a yoga video that is great for parents and toddlers - and the parent section continues to work even when your children are no longer toddlers, or before they reach it.
It is called TOT YOGA and you can find it online at http://totyoga.com and amazon.com or at retailers in NY and DC.



answers from Salt Lake City on

You should come and try our Yoga class! We have one for kids and one for adults held at the same time.

Do you have a Wii?? My daughter (5yrs) and I play all sorts of things on the Wii. We box, Hula hoop,run,dance, etc. It keeps us moving while having enough fun she isn't getting bored.

Good Luck!!

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