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Keeping up the House

I divided them up with me having the most because I stay home with the kids Hubby works so he gets less and .... building house plans · house building plans ...

Getting the Opportunity to Stay Home

Is it a possibility that your husband could stay home with the kids? .... design identity · home design plans · identity design · freelance graphic design ...

Working and Home Schooling

Read all 12 responses: "Does anyone out there work and do home schooling for ... but you do not have to do any of the extra work like the lesson plans, ...

Need Advice on Home Schooling

We've been thinking about home schooling our two little girls (ages 6 and 4), who will be in 2nd grade and PreK ... home plans log · california summer camps ...

Cell Phone Package

Read all 11 responses: "I'm looking for a plan for my daughter and myself ... our home phone was out and I was on the cell phone FOREVER to get it fixed. ...

529 College Savings Plan

Oct 2, 2009 ... These are great plans. I have one for my grandson. ... money for college · savings plan · home equity credit line · college savings ...

Trouble with Electricity

She can't get her house much below 80 degrees in the afternoons. She doesn't have one of those rate-saver plans where they can cut power to stuff during ...

How Can I Be a Stay-at-home-mom?

Minimize eating out and make actual meal plans - pack lunches. It is totally possible for you to stay at home but the two of you have to make it happen. ...

College Savings Plan

I don't know your situation BUT you could work part-time from home & put your earnings toward the children's college plan. They usually have children's ...

Home Schooling My 4 Year Old.

I home school my 17 year old. I know there is a huge age difference, but I do plan pulling my 10, 7, 6 year old out of school to be homeschooled after they ...
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