Where Do You Find GOOD Wide Sized Gym Shoes for Kids?

Updated on August 22, 2010
M.O. asks from Barrington, IL
9 answers

Need your help. I can only find Stride Rites in wide sizes. My daughter needs some good gym shoes for gym class and we're having problems with regular sized shoes pinching at the widest part of her toes. Anyone know of good WIDE shoes or boxy-wide toe box gym shoes?

Many thanks Mamas!

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answers from Los Angeles on

New Balance makes shoes in a size wide and they are really good quality. You can find them online, sometimes for a great price at zappos.com or joesnewbalanceoutlet.com (I think that's the right site).

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answers from Detroit on

i agree with racheal, stride rite. i have wide feet and that's where my mother shopped for me as a child.


answers from Jacksonville on

Check out NewBalance. You can find them in stores, or online.



answers from Indianapolis on

Both of my kids are either wide or double wide.

We've had some luck at Stride Rite, but I'm not the biggest fan. Both kids currently have Saucony's that we've either gotten from local family-owned kids' shoe stores or Van Maur. I believe you have them in IL as well. They carry a decent selection of shoes for kids including a lot of wides.

Superga also makes shoes that fit our double-wide daughter well. We got those at a local specialty childrens shoe store, but you can also purchase them from zappos.com

Our best success has been Clarks (for kids), Saucony, and New Balance to accommodate their wide feet. Crocks have also worked well, and if you can believe it, the jumping beans brand from Kohl's (same as the Falls Creek Brand at Meijer) have really held up well this summer. For girls, they have rubber-soled shoes with velcro across the top that look like Keds but have been a life saver for a 8 double-wide shoe in a 2 year old.



answers from Minneapolis on

My little pumpkin has a triple wide foot... We had the same issue and felt as if we had to stay with stride rite too until here on these boards.... LOL.... I discovered that New Balance "Wides" are actually extra-wides. They fit her feet just perfect. Almost any style we get. I laughed and said those Mamas really know the answers. My daughter's foot I swear at one point was the same size in width and length... Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

My son has wide feet and we buy him "skater" shoes like Vans and Airwalks at Payless. They might have that type for girls too. I have also been told that Walmart's Garanimals brand shoes run naturally wide and I know that they have girl's shoes. Not sure how old your daughter is or how "cool" it would be to have shoes from Payless and Walmart, but my kids are still small enough not to know about brand names. Sketchers also makes gym shoes that are wide, but only online at sketchers.com. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

The very best fitting gym shoes for my child, who not only has extra wide feet, but also "thick" feet (bottom of foot to top), is the Geox brand. You can find them at Von Maur or Nordstrom. They are expensive, but phenomenal for a healthy foot. After finding these, I never went back to Stride Rite (which are much too stiff for a larger foot!)



answers from Detroit on

I was going to suggest Stride Rite as well. My son has to wear a brace on his left foot and we need extra wide shoes for that and Stride Rite has been almost our only option. We do have an outlet one near us which is helpful. I'm also told New Balance also has wide shoes for kids but they are hard to find. They may have cuter gym shoes and you can probably order them wide online or ask the shoe store to do it so you don't have to pay for the shipping. The Nordstroms childrens shoe department is always helpful.



answers from Boston on

My suggestion was going to be look at stride rite.


My suggestion was going to be look at stride rite.

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