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Updated on November 23, 2010
S.R. asks from Clinton, MO
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My kids were blessed with my husbands wide feet, Our son has been in XW's since he was only a few months old. We thought we got lucky with our daughter, she could wear any shoe out there up until a few months ago. Now we are having trouble finding shoes for both of them, Stride Rite was our go to place, but it just seems this year they have cut back on the styles of Wide shoes they carry.Both kids literally have Fred Flinstone feet, and I love them to pieces but I just hate spending $50 on a pair of shoes that will be worn for maybe 3-4 months. When you add up a pair of Tennis shoes for both and dress shoes for both, that is over $200 usually, and spending that every 4 months is getting expensive. Where do you get your Toddlers Wide and Extra Wide shoes at?

Son is a toddler 10, and wears Extra Wides which are hard to find anywhere but Stride Rite and Daughter is a toddler 4 1/2, so it is hard to find a wide selection for her since her feet are so small, most shoes that size are still considered "crib" she is 17 months and is just wearing a size 4 this Fall.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Honestly, all 3 boys of mine have wide feet and Zappos.com has the biggest choice of wide shoes I've ever seen. I order their sneakers and shoes from there and get it 1-2 days later. They have New Balance and Jumping Jacks and a bunch of other brands in wide.

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answers from San Antonio on

I buy Stride Rite shoes when I see them at local thrift stores or at Goodwill for $3 a pair. I toss them in the washing machine and let them air-dry outside in the sun.

But Payless Shoesource also sells Wide shoes. Not sure about XW, but go check. That's about $12-$20 a pair. I heard that the payless brand (don't remember the name) is made by the same people who make Striderite.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Get used Stride Rites on ebay.
My son wore an XXWide as a toddler and Stride Rites were the only ones that fit.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Try Zappos, online. I've never had to order children's shoes, but they certainly have a wide variety of sizes and widths, and they have a terrific return policy.


Hope it helps!



answers from Portland on

Try Keene's, too. They also run a bit wide. (I wear them, my son has his daddy's long, elegant feet.) I find them at REI and they always have kids sizes. Yes, they are a bit more expensive, but if you have their feet sized correctly, they should last a little longer. It's winter, too, so get some Smartwool socks, which are thicker, and have your son try on shoes with those. When the cool weather goes and the thinner socks go back on, you'll get a little more use out of them than you would if you just had him sized with thin socks on.



answers from Chicago on

New Balance also sells the wide and extra wides. If they don't have the shoe you want in stock they can order it and get in within a few days.



answers from Tulsa on

I have some in my ebay store if you are interested send me a messge and I will give you the name of it. kmart mediums fit my sons wide feet also



answers from Pittsburgh on

payless seems to have a lot of wide sizes and they have low prices



answers from New York on

When my girls were little, I used to find wide shoes at Payless. Boy's sneakers seem to be wider than girls, so you may want to purchase boy's sneakers for your daughter.


answers from Dallas on

New Balance has XW shoes for the kiddos that are reasonably priced. I used to buy those for my daughter. I have the same exact problem. Now & then I'll find something at Payless but not often. I've searched high & low and I pretty much always have to resort to buying expensive name brands. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I bought tons of new Stride Rite shoes on Amazon. You have to buy them ahead of time...guess what their sizes will be. I just stocked up on Extra-Wide. Sometimes they have that one size you'll need for $15, and all other sizes of the same shoe $50!
I bought up to size toddler 11. He was XW until size 10, but he'll wear the 11 anyway. :) We saved a ton and the shoes are super nice!!! My 4th child is going to wear the shoes. They never ever wear out.
When Stride Rite has a sale, though, it's really good, often.



answers from Kansas City on

They sell wide width shoes at Payless and have free shipping if you have it shipped to the store. It's a great thing because they never seem to have the right size in the style I want to buy the kidlets! Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Look for a Stride Rite outlet in your area.

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