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Have You Ever Been Completely Broke?

The question about the husband having to share a hotel room with a couple, brought up memories of being completely broke. Broke meaning $5. to last 5 days until payday. NO credit cards to fall back on and worried about being able to even get to work. I recall these days. We did our best to not spend a dime. We could not borrow money, we had no credit. I was worried about the Toilet paper situatuation. Thank goodness we had jobs, even thought we were barely making it. We had a place to live. Our bills were slightly late, but...

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Need Advice on 40Th Anniv. Gift HELP

Hi!! I need advice on what to get my inlaws for their 40th wedding anniversary. I cannot for the life of me come up with anything. We do not have alot of money but can get something nice. Maybe a 50 dollar limit. PLEASE help me. This is so last minute. I just did not feel right in us just being there is enough. They are 350 miles away. And it is this weekend, I know!!! ANy ideas will sure help. Thanks

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13 Year Old Birthday Present

Hello, My son is turning 13 and he is REALLY into video games. He has a computer and a Nintendo DS. We have asked him to give us a wish list with things other than video games on it and he can't come up with anything. He doesn't play baseball anymore. He is in Boy Scouts, but he's fully equipped for that. I'm at a loss too. Any ideas? Thanks, M.