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Need Shoes to Stand in for Long Periods of Time

My husband works retail and I need suggestions on what kinds of shoes to buy him, He stands for 8+hours a day and his feet have been hurting lately, we've tried insoles, switiching up shoes, Pumas, adidas, nike's, reebock..and new balance. Anyone been through something similar?


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What to Get My 14 Year Old

My daughters birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I have lost for what to get! She has a phone already and computer use. She is really into music. She plays piano, and the ukelele. She's starting to get into makeup also. Something I'm considering is buying her some clothes at a "teen store". A while ago, she asked if we could go to Hollister. I told her no. I just doesn't seem age appropriate. We normally shop at Old Navy and thrift stores, and I don't see anything wrong with that. If Hollister doesn't seem appropriate to you, do...


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Hoodies with Thumb Holes?

Does anyone know where i can find mens hoodies with the thumb holes in them for UNDER 50 bucks? I am having a very hard time finding any online. I have tried google searching but am not having much luck with anything, so i thought id see if anyone has bought them and where i might find them at. thanks! i dont want to just cut holes in the sleeves. then they tear more and more and dont last. if you buy them with them in it they are stiched around the thumb hole and work much better.


Fathers Day Ideas!

Anyone have any ideas on gifts for fathers day? I am at a loss-why are men...

Playing with Others


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What Does Your 2Nd Grade Boy Wear to School?

OK--the weather is transitioning slowly from cold to warm (did I mention slowly?). What does your boy wear to school? Lately my son is complaining about jeans...he wants "sweatpants" (which I hate). He also likes to wear sports jerseys....a LOT. It's hard enough to find nice boys clothing that doesn't have a bunch of junk all over it. But now--no jeans? This is kind of a staple isn't it? He likes khakis, jeans, t-shirts, game jerseys, rugby shirts, long sleeved t's etc. to school. So....I guess I have a few questions for moms of...