Dinosaur Themed Party for a 3 Year Old - Food Ideas?

Updated on July 29, 2011
M.Z. asks from San Francisco, CA
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I am planning a dinosaur themed party for my soon to be 3 year old. Anyone out there have creative food ideas? Dino dogs, salad can be called herbivore food, etc.
Thanks so much!!!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

You could separate the food with signs
herbivores - fruit, veggie tray, salad
carnivores - hot dogs, burgers, meat tray, meat balls, chicken legs

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answers from Dallas on

We did a dinosaur themed party for my 2 year old in April. We did the dinosaur chicken nuggets (Tyson makes them, but Super Target's Market Pantry brand also makes them) even the adults at the party loved the nuggets. Also if you can find them the Robin's eggs (malt chocolate eggs like you can get for easter) I put those in a bowl and they kind of looked like dinosaur eggs. I did a lime sherbet punch that was green. We had cupcakes with dinosaur figures as the toppers. We had dinosaur shaped fruit snacks in the goodie bags also. Some type of salad would be good also

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answers from Boston on

I make a "dirt and mud" trifle sometimes....layer chocolate cake chunks with cool whip, chocolate pudding (mud), and crushed oreo cookie layers (dirt), throw some gummy worms on top and put some inside the trifle and put a plastic dinosaur and/or plastic trees on top to decorate. Use a large glass bowl, looks very festive!

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answers from Los Angeles on

-Dino shaped chicken nuggets (Wal-Mart or Raley's)
-You can get a dinosaur cookie cutter and cut shapes out of cheese singles ( cheddar, american).
-Dinosaur shaped cookies (you make or buy)
-chocolate covered raisins (their droppings or is that just too gross?)
-fruit punch (dinos favorite drink...unless you have white carpet. ha )
-Have fun!

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answers from San Diego on

Off the top of my head, my son loves those dinosaur chicken nuggets. They are made more healthy than the typical Foster Farms ones (I think they may be organic). I buy them at Fresh N' Easy, but I think you can get them at Costco and other places.

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answers from Honolulu on

The Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets are also sold at Costco! FYI
I'm also thinking food shaped like dino bones would be cute!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Maybe you can make some beef or chicken kabobs and tell the kids it's caveman food. It will be fun to eat the meat from the stick. Or you can have a chocolate fountain and call it a tar pit and let the kids dip some pretzels or fruit in it. Deviled eggs can be called dinosaur eggs. That's all I can think of now. Good Luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I did a dino-themed party when my son was four (almost 18 years ago!) and it was so much fun, I still remember most of what we did. I got some different dino shaped cookie cutters and made dino cookies, and let the kids frost and decorate their dinos themselves. I also used the cutters to make dino turkey, cheese, and PBJ shaped sandwiches (obviously, not all in the same sandwich!). For vegies I served "green food" (my son was really into "The Land Before Time" and Little Foot at the time), which was celery sticks with a sweet yogurt dip.

For one of the party games, I bought several dozen plastic dinosaur eggs from Oriental Trading Company and filled them with jelly bean rocks, dino gummies, and small plastic dinosaurs, and buried the eggs in the sand box.
Every child got a small plastic "archeologist's" sand bucket, shovel, sieve and cheap canvas bucket style hat as party favors, and I gave each child an area of the sand box to "excavate." The kids also played pin the tooth on the Sharp Tooth (T Rex). Other than that, the kids pretty much just ran around and pretended to be dinosaurs.

Happy Birthday to your little one, and have fun!

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